Daytona Beach Airport Shuttles

Unless you plan on renting a car once you arrive on a flight to Daytona Beach, you can always depend on an airport shuttle to get you where you need to go. The Daytona Beach airport shuttles can be used to get to your hotel or your vacation rental, and you can rely on shuttle service during the duration of your trip. Shuttles operate throughout the region, and they are both convenient and affordable. For those who need shuttles to Daytona Beach International Airport, they are available as well, so you really don't need a car if you don't feel like driving during your vacation.

When it comes to finding transportation from Daytona Beach Airport to your intended destination, you can always go the shuttle route. The Daytona Beach International Airport is a relatively small airport, so finding the shuttles is not hard. Once you grab your bags, it's a short walk to where the shuttles park. The rates for the Daytona Beach airport shuttles are more than fair, even if you need to get to area destinations like New Smyrna Beach. Should you be flying into the Orlando International Airport, there are shuttles there that can get you to all points in central Florida, including Daytona Beach. The Daytona Orlando Transit Service, or DOTS, offers 22 daily shuttle trips between Orlando and Daytona Beach. Some of the shuttles also head to the DeLand-Deltona area if you are planning on heading there.

The Daytona Beach airport shuttles run seven days a week throughout the year, though some halt service on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Riding in a shared van is the way to go if you want to save on rates when it comes to shuttle transportation from Daytona Beach Airport, though some companies also offer private vans, sedans, and even limousines. When booking shuttles to Daytona Beach International Airport, it's good to know that you can always book a private shuttle. This is especially convenient if you're running late, as you won't have to make stops along the way to pick up other passengers.

Booking your Daytona Beach shuttle service in advance is always a good idea when possible. After arriving on your flight, you might be weary, and worrying about your transportation then can be stressful. When booking shuttles to Daytona Beach International Airport, those who are staying at a hotel can often get help at the front desk or from the concierge. Daytona Beach airport shuttles are available around the clock, which adds to their overall popularity.

In addition to taking a shuttle, those who are in need of transportation from Daytona Beach Airport can always take a taxi. Taxis usually cost more than shuttles, though they can be quicker, which is a plus. As for renting a car, the major car rental agencies have desks at the airport, so you can secure a vehicle almost immediately upon arrival. Just remember when renting a car that the traffic here can be very annoying when major annual events like Bike Week and the Daytona 500 are going on. If you prefer renting a motorcycle over a car, you can do that too! Riding around Daytona Beach on a Harley Davidson, rental or not, just seems so appropriate, especially during the major motorcycle-related events.

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