Daytona Beach Car Rentals

It's always a good idea to rent a car in Daytona Beach if you don't already have one, save perhaps when big time local events like Bike Week are in full swing. Driving around town isn't exactly a blast when the city is overtaken by visitors during major events, and parking the car and leaving it behind is probably the way to go. When top events aren't going on here, you'll definitely want to interest yourself in Daytona Beach car rentals.

There are a lot of great attractions in central Florida, and if you don't have a car during your Daytona Beach visit, you will be limited when it comes to getting around to all the hot spots. A drive down to the Canaveral National Seashore is always a welcome proposition, and if you rent a car in Daytona Beach, you can zip on down this scenic park as you please. No hopping on a bus, taking a taxi, or arranging a shuttle to get you there and back. Not that the other transportation options are exactly horrible, but having a car has its advantages.

Many visitors to Daytona Beach fly into the Daytona Beach International Airport. A Daytona Beach Airport car rental is easy to arrange. Most of the major car rental agencies have desks at the airport, so you can secure some wheels once you land. If you aren't sure that you want to rent a car upon arrival, taking an airport shuttle to your hotel or vacation rental is always an option. Should you want to rent a car once you land, the Daytona Airport is hardly large, so finding the rental desks won't be difficult. In addition to securing a Daytona Beach Airport car rental, you can also rent a car at one of the agency offices that aren't at the airport. Companies like Hertz and Enterprise have more than one office in the Daytona Beach area, so you don't have to rush into your rental after you deplane.

Whether you are securing a Daytona Beach Airport car rental or waiting until later to get some wheels, you'll have a relatively full assortment of cars to choose from. The choices get even better if you opt for exotic Daytona Beach car rentals. At the chain brand car rental agencies, you can choose an economy car, a more luxurious sedan, a van, and even a pickup truck if you so desire. The luxury models usually come in the form of a Cadillac, a Lincoln Towncar, or something the like. Whatever you need, you can find it when you rent a car in Daytona Beach. If you are looking to see and be seen, then renting an exotic car might be the way to go. It's also fun to zip off to area attractions such as the Kennedy Space Center in a souped up ride.

At low tide, driving on the wide and hard-packed beaches in Daytona Beach is possible, and cruising the strip in an exotic car is bound to turn some heads. If you don't want the attention, you can always rent a more basic car and remain more anonymous. As for those who are interested in exotic Daytona Beach car rentals, Exotic Car Express offers some tempting models that you can borrow for the right price. A Corvette with a convertible top or a BMW 745 will surely be fun to drive around town and on the beach. If you fancy SUVs, then a Hummer or a Range Rover might be a better fit. When you rent a car in Daytona Beach, you can definitely have it your way. As a side note, some rental car agencies require you to be of a certain age to rent certain vehicles, so if you're an underage college student who is visiting during Spring Break, renting a car might not be an option.

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