Daytona Beach Dining

Daytona Beach might not boast as many good restaurants as nearby Orlando, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a diner's destination. Dining in Daytona Beach can involve grabbing a slice of pizza on the Boardwalk, heading to a local bar and grill for some good eats and some good times, treating yourself to a dinner cruise, and preparing your own meals in the kitchen of your vacation rental. Some of the hotel rooms here also feature kitchens, so if you like to cook, you don't have to leave your culinary passion back home. Even if you plan on preparing most of your meals on your vacation, the Daytona Beach restaurants will always be there to meet your needs when you get a taste for something. There are definitely a lot of restaurants in the area that serve seafood, so seafood lovers will feel right at home.

When it comes to the Daytona Beach restaurants, you'll find that the city has its fair share of fast food joints. While you won't likely want to enjoy all of your meals at fast food eateries, they can come in handy when you want to save some time and money. There are plenty of inexpensive restaurants in and around the city that are more unique than the fast food establishments, so you don't have to go the fast food route when looking to save some money while dining in Daytona Beach. On top of a bunch of restaurants that are cheap, the Daytona Beach dining scene also boasts an array of restaurants that are moderately priced in case you are looking for a step up in overall quality. When fine dining is the name of the game, you'll also be in luck, as there are some upscale eateries to choose from as well.

If you're in the mood for a unique Daytona Beach dining experience heading to the Main Street Pier is worth considering. In addition to some neat rides, this longest pier on the East Coast also features a good restaurant that serves up tasty casual fare. You can also grab some drinks at the pier's restaurant if you're interested. Due south in Daytona Beach Shores, another pier extends well out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Sunglow Pier in Daytona Beach Shores boasts its own restaurant, and if you're not in the mood for some food, you might see what's on the drink menu at the full bar. The frozen drinks are especially good when it's hot outside.

In addition to looking along Atlantic Avenue and Beach Street for some Daytona Beach restaurants, you can also try some of the hotels and resorts. The Shores Resort & Spa, which is arguably the most luxurious hotel in the immediate area, boasts one of the city's best restaurants, and you'll do well to eat at least one meal there. The Plaza Resort & Spa, which is one of the other top hotels in the land, is another good place to visit if you're looking to enjoy some upscale dining in Daytona Beach. In addition to a fine dining restaurant, the Plaza also offers a sleek lounge and a poolside café, all of which you're bound to take advantage of if you book a stay here.

Exploring the Daytona Beach dining scene can definitely be fun, and if you need help finding some good places to eat when you're in town, you can always ask the locals. If you're too bashful to go about inquiring about good places to eat, then you can simply wander around town and look for a crowded establishment. A healthy crowd at an eatery usually means that the food is good. Whatever you have in mind when it comes to dining in Daytona Beach, the city's restaurants more than have you covered. Perhaps you'll head over to a beachfront restaurant to enjoy the ocean views while you dine on Mahi Mahi or fresh shellfish, or maybe you're up for trying some alligator while you savor a hearty chowder. There are some interesting possibilities when it comes to food in Daytona Beach, and you're encouraged to keep an open mind and try something new every now and again. Don't forget to consider the area food festivals when trying to build up your Daytona Beach dining itinerary. If you like Cajun food, then the Daytona Beach Bayou Boil is sure to make you happy. It is held in April. Two other Daytona Beach food festivals that might interest you include the Shores Wine & Food Festival and the New Smyrna Beach Uncorked! Fine Wine and Food Festival.

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