Daytona Beach Spring Break

Daytona Beach has been a Spring Break mecca for decades on end, and while some will tell you that the city has shed much of its party-related personality, you'd hardly know it once the college kids arrive. Daytona Beach is still one of the hottest Spring Break destinations in Florida, and it has a lot to do with the city's beaches, its relatively affordable hotels, and its healthy collection of bars and clubs. It's essentially a city-wide party when it comes to Spring Break in Daytona Beach, and many students who have made the trip down can't wait to return.

While hanging out at the beach and hitting the local bars are among the top things to do on a Daytona Beach Spring Break, they aren't the only things that you can get into. A ride on the Big Red Party Bus can make for a fun time. A double-decker bus that looks like it came straight out of London, the Big Red Party Bus shuffles passengers up and down Atlantic Avenue, which runs right along the beach. The rides are free, and you can consume alcoholic beverages on board, provided that you are of age. While executing its route, the Big Red Party Bus makes a point of stopping at all of the major beach hotels, not to mention all the party hot spots.

There are 24 miles of beaches to enjoy during your Daytona Beach Spring Break, and you can bet that the beachfront is prime partying country. Pool deck parties are quite popular during Spring Break in Daytona Beach, and once the sun starts to go down, clubs like the Aqua Lounge and the Ocean Deck start heating up. Cash prizes, free drink specials, and all the music that you can handle are just some of the things that you can expect at the top local clubs during the Daytona Beach Spring Break.

When you're not indulging in some drinks and some dancing during your Spring Break visit to Daytona Beach, there are plenty of fun things that you can do to stay entertained. Surfing has become a popular activity in Daytona Beach, and you can even arrange for surfing lessons at the surf school in Ormond Beach if you are new to the sport. In addition to surfing, you can always go canoeing or kayaking, and the fishing opportunities are also enticing. A visit to the Daytona Lagoon Water Park can always make for a fun diversion, and there are plenty of excellent golf courses in the area if you want to tee it up for a round.

As for the Spring Break hotels in Daytona Beach, the Hawaiian Inn is one that you will do well to check out. This oceanfront resort is known for its pool deck parties, and all of the rooms here feature private balconies and kitchens. America's Best Value Inn is one of the other Spring Break hotels in Daytona Beach worth keeping in mind, especially if you're looking to keep your lodging costs down. The central location of America's Best Value Inn is one of its best attributes, and the Tiki Bar, the oceanfront pool, and the clean rooms also do well to make it an attractive lodging candidate.

The Flamingo Inn, the Makai Lodge, and the Budget Host Inn are a few other Spring Break hotels in Daytona Beach that might pique your interest. If you need help finding a place to stay for Spring Break in Daytona Beach, you can always look to book a vacation package that includes your hotel accommodations, not to mention your airfare if you don't have your flight lined up. Don't forget about the area vacation rentals. There are plenty of condos for rent near the beach, and you can even rent a larger home if you want more room to entertain.

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