Daytona Beach Vacation Rentals

The Daytona Beach vacation rentals come mostly in the form of homes and condominiums, and many of them overlook an inviting beach, which is part of their allure. You'll enjoy many of the comforts and amenities that you would likewise enjoy at home when you book a stay at a vacation rental in Daytona Beach. Standard amenities across the board tend to include a fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, a DVD player, a CD player, individual climate control, ample furnishings, and internet access. Should you book one of the more upscale Daytona Beach vacation rentals, granite counter tops and your own private swimming pool might figure among the mix of amenities. There's a vacation rental in Daytona Beach to fit most any budget, and since there are so many to choose from, finding one that has everything that you need shouldn't be a problem.

If you have some room in the budget, there are some good beach homes for rent in Daytona Beach and in nearby coastal communities like Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach. Some of these homes sit right on the beach, while others are just a block or so away. The prices will reflect the location, and if you don't mind being a little removed from the sand, you can save a some money by staying inland. Hotels and condominium complexes occupy much of the coveted beachfront property in Daytona Beach, so you might also consider staying in a condo if you really want to be right on the sand. Some of the condo rentals in the area are spacious and have multiple bedrooms, which basically makes them similar to the area home rentals. One advantage to staying at a home rental is that you will likely enjoy an elevated level of privacy.

Couples who are enjoying a romantic getaway will do well to consider the Daytona Beach vacation rentals, as they afford more privacy than your average hotel room or bed and breakfast unit. Families are encouraged to keep them in mind as well, as the added space that most afford can come in handy. Many students who are visiting the city on Spring Break will also do well to book a stay at a vacation rental in Daytona Beach, and if entertaining is part of the plan, booking a stay at a house with a pool, a deck, and a barbecue grill is surely a good way to go. Come Spring Break, the Daytona Beach vacation rentals fill up rather quickly, so booking well in advance is often the key to securing the one you have your eye on.

In addition to looking in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach proper, and New Smyrna Beach, those who are interested in booking a stay at a vacation rental in the area should also consider Daytona Beach Shores. Daytona Beach Shores, like Ormond Beach, is quieter than Daytona Beach, which will appeal to some visitors. Should you be planning a Daytona Beach wedding, you might rent a small beach cottage in Daytona Beach Shores and enjoy the relaxed setting. You can always venture over to neighboring Daytona Beach with ease when you want to enjoy some shopping, dining, or nightlife. Both Daytona Beach and Daytona Beach Shores have fantastic piers on their beaches, and they are also good places to go surfing if that sounds good to you.

There are more beach condos than there are beach homes for rent in Daytona Beach, but you should be able to find a home rental that fits your needs if you start your search well enough in advance. You might even find your ideal home rental here at the last minute. Wait until the last minute to book your stay when big events like the Daytona 500 are going on, however, and you might be out of luck. As is true of the area hotels, the vacation rentals tend to go up in price during the city's top events and festivals.

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