Daytona Beach Vacations

A vacation to Daytona Beach can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Understandably, many Daytona Beach vacations are beach vacations. There are miles of beaches to enjoy in Daytona Beach, and the sandy stretches only continue as you move up and down the coast. Daytona Beach getaways that revolve around beach time can include many other things on the side, though it's understandable if you choose to spend the bulk of your time sunning on the sand and enjoying cold beverages.

Daytona Beach has done well to shed its party-all-the-time personality, and as such, a Daytona Beach family vacation can be more family-friendly than ever. You'll likely want to avoid visiting during Spring Break or Bike Week if you are planning a family vacation to Daytona Beach, however, as it's not exactly the best environment for kids. Daytona Beach family vacations often include plenty of time at the beach, and there's always water parks like Daytona Lagoon if you're looking for family attractions. A trip to the Museum of Science and Art also deserves inclusion on the itinerary if you are visiting with the family.

Some of the hotels and resorts in Daytona Beach have good kids programs to help keep the little ones entertained, and staying at a vacation rental can reward you with added space and privacy, not to mention a fully equipped kitchen. Having a kitchen at your disposal on Daytona Beach getaways can be very convenient, especially if you are traveling with kids. It's not always easy to arrange a restaurant trip when kids are part of the picture. Whether you have kids or not, escaping to Daytona Beach with your significant other for a romantic vacation is a tantalizing proposition.

Daytona Beach vacations that have romance at their core can see you staying at a bed and breakfast inn, a resort, or even a motel if you don't require upscale accommodations. A vacation rental might be the most ideal way to go when it comes to Daytona Beach romantic vacations, as you'll generally enjoy more privacy than you would at a hotel. As for things to do on romantic Daytona Beach getaways, a sunset cruise is bound to please. Dinner cruises are an option as well, and thanks to the healthy number of restaurants in the area, you won't be at a loss for dining choices. At least one fine dining experience is recommended if you are visiting the city with the one you love. Whether you are planning a Daytona Beach wedding or you are enjoying a more general romantic escape, treating yourself to a couples massage at some point is always an option.

Thanks to the variety of spas in the Daytona Beach area, the city can make for an excellent spa vacation destination. Some of the top Daytona Beach resorts, such as the Shores and the Plaza, boast some excellent spas, and the spa packages can include your room and a series of treatments. In addition to visiting a resort spa, you can also visit any number of area day spas that stand on their own. Daytona Beach vacations that feature spa treatments will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated when it's time to return home.

In addition to the kinds of Daytona Beach vacations that are listed above, you can also consider arranging a golfing vacation or a surfing getaway. Daytona Beach and the surrounding area are home to some amazing golf courses, and there are lots of golf-related vacation packages that you can look to take advantage of. As for surfing, Daytona Beach, and Florida in general, might not offer the world's best surfing conditions, but that doesn't mean that hanging ten here isn't fun. At times, the waves can get pretty big, and when they're of the smaller variety, it makes for good learning conditions. If you're new to surfing and are heading to Daytona Beach, you can always take lessons at the quality surf school in Ormond Beach.

Start planning your vacation to Daytona Beach today, and see for yourself just how abundant the opportunities are when it comes to having it your way. There's something for everyone in the Daytona Beach area, and the beaches alone are enough to warrant a visit. Many Daytona Beach getaways result in return trips, which might help to explain why the city has been a popular place to escape to for decades on end.

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