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Destin flights are not necessarily an inexpensive proposition if you plan to travel to this hotspot in northwestern Florida during the peak season travel months of May to late September. This is the most popular time for people to visit this enviable resort community on the state’s Emerald Coast. Nearly 5 million people visit this portion of northwestern Florida each and every year, and a vast majority of head to the city of Destin. This is why the price of flights to Destin Florida during the peak travel season can be so expensive. It is therefore highly advisable to book your airfare to Destin Airport as early in the planning process as possible. This will give you the best chance to avoid price hikes as well as ensure availability in a favorable location, perhaps along the beach or in Destin Harbor. No matter where you are flying from, make sure to check the booking tool on this page to compare flight deals along with hotels, vacation packages, and more.

The closest hub for Destin flights serving Fort Walton and the beaches of Destin itself is Okaloosa County Airport (Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport). It is located at Eglin Air Force Base in Valparaiso and is approximately eight miles north of the city of Destin on Highway 85. US 98 travels along the brilliant Emerald Coast. This is a beautiful drive that takes about 25 minutes during light to medium traffic from the airport. Ultimately, you will take 331 heading south and then Highway 85 south into Destin and the Fort Walton Beach Area. Some people looking for Destin flights end up choosing to fly into Panama City to the west, but this is an unnecessarily painstaking process that you can avoid by planning ahead and making your flight reservations for the much more convenient Okaloosa County Airport. If the airfare to Destin Airport is even comparable in price to Panama City, it is much easier to go the local route. There are also convenient shuttle services that run back and forth between Destin and the airport. For those people already planning on a car rental to drive around and explore Destin’s beaches, golf courses, and attractions, it is a quick drive, and a scenic one at that.

There are no direct flights to Destin Florida from most major hubs. It is a small facility that has only one runway so you will likely need to book flights to Destin Florida that involve at least one, and in many cases, two stops. The traffic at the airport dramatically increases during the peak tourist travel season for a facility that is already relatively limited in its capabilities. When you combine this with the demand for summer vacations in Destin, you can begin to see why it is advisable to book your Destin flights as early as possible. Also, be sure to handle any car rentals ahead of time, as availability is not always a guarantee, especially from May to September.

If you are looking for deals and savings on Destin vacations, you may consider looking into package offerings and bundles that include hotels and car rentals. Many times this is a good way to realize savings on your total trip cost.

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