Sombrero Beach

In the heart of the chain of islands that make up the Florida Keys, Marathon Key is a vacation haven, offering an array of places to shop, spend the night, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Several years ago, the city of Marathon revitalized one of its greatest natural resources, Sombrero Beach, making it accessible to everyone, including visitors with disabilities.

Sombrero Beach Florida hugs the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This swatch of tropical beauty invites beachcombers to come and enjoy the sand, sea, and relaxation. The sand of Sombrero Beach isn’t like any typical beach. The grains come in a variety of shapes and sizes and features specks of color, reflecting the work of algae over time. The water is clear enough to see the sandy bottom of the ocean and is a favorite place for swimming and snorkeling.

This haven along the Atlantic Ocean is a fantastic place to watch the sunset, because it’s surrounded on two sides by water. It’s easy to capture pictures of Sombrero Beach Florida that are worthy of being on a postcard.

Between April and October, many visitors to Sombrero Beach in Marathon are of the turtle variety. Loggerhead turtles come ashore at nest and nurture the next generation. An early morning stroll is the best way to spot the turtles and take eco-tours of sorts. In addition to swimming and beachcombing, Sombrero Beach Florida is home to a playground, volleyball courts, and places to picnic.

There’s no admission charge to visit Sombrero Beach in Marathon, which is located south of Seven Mile Bridge, off Mile Marker 50 of the Overseas Highway. It opens early in the morning and welcomes beachcombers until dusk.

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