Fort Lauderdale Boat Rental

Fort Lauderdale offers a great deal of things to do during your vacation, and one of the top attractions is the beautiful shoreline. Many visitors flock to the beaches all year round, especially during the peak winter months when the weather is extremely pleasant. While there are a number of ways to enjoy the coastal waters, wildlife, and natural shoreline, one of the best ways to explore the waters is in a Fort Lauderdale boat rental. Whether you rent a kayak in Fort Lauderdale to explore the backwaters and explore the Everglades, or you choose to skirt the coastline in a sailboat rental in Fort Lauderdale, your boat rental will be a delightful addition to your vacation itinerary.

As a popular destination among boaters, Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of boat rental options from kayaks to speedboats to sailboats. Those who would like to explore the shallows, mangroves, and rivers can rent a kayak in Fort Lauderdale; this area also has an extensive system of canals, which gives rise to the nickname the Venice of America. Numerous companies offer sport fishing charters, and there are several options, including night fishing as well as four-, six-, and eight-hour trips. There are also boat trips including scuba and snorkeling excursions, as well as glass-bottom tours are for visitors who are interested in getting a closer look at the marine wildlife of southern Florida.

In addition to the chance to zip along the surface of the water, speedboat rentals offer access to several water activities, such as waterskiing, snorkeling, and parasailing. Or you can relax on the decks of your sailboat rental in Fort Lauderdale as the trade winds fill the sails and the sun filters through; this is ideal for a supremely relaxing experience. For corporate events or parties, multiple boats as well as large catamarans can be reserved and are ideal for experiencing luxury and a little bit of adventure at the same time. Yacht rentals are an excellent option for hosting parties and large groups; the Aquatic Center on Pier 66 offers the largest fleet of charter yachts in the area. Some charter companies also offer overnight charters for an extra fee. This type of Fort Lauderdale boat rental requires reservations to ensure the best deals.

While a Fort Lauderdale boat rental can be an exciting and fun experience, visitors should be aware of the rules and regulations of being out on the open waters. Safety is of the utmost importance. Visitors who are not experienced at piloting a boat would be wise to enroll in a boating course if there are plans for going it alone; however, for those inexperienced tourists who would simply love to enjoy the ride on the boat of their choice, most of the Fort Lauderdale boat rental companies offer a captain with your boat. Other things to remember are the requirement for fishing licenses and permits in certain areas. Scuba divers must carry the Diver Down flag and post it on the boat, buoy, or other floating device while exploring the underwater realms to ensure that other boaters are aware of their presence.

Whether you plan to book a sailboat rental in Fort Lauderdale and sail the open waters along the coast or rent a kayak in Fort Lauderdale and navigate the area canals, renting a boat is a pleasure that will leave lasting impressions of your vacation. In addition to spending time on the local beaches and shopping along Las Olas Boulevard, spending time on the water is one of the most popular things to do and one that visitors would do well to include on their list of things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

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