Fort Lauderdale Boat Tours

Thousands of visitors come to the shores of Fort Lauderdale each year to enjoy the perpetually warm weather, and one of the best ways to take advantage of it—and learn a few things about the city while your at it—is to take a boat tour in Fort Lauderdale. A few of the most popular Fort Lauderdale boat tours include the Jungle Queen, the Water Taxi, and Tropical Sailing. Each of these tours offers something unique to visitors. While cruising along the New River on the Jungle Queen riverboat, tourists are offered two types of tours: a dinner cruise and a sightseeing cruise. The barbecue dinner cruise is an evening tour with live entertainment up the New River with the final destination being a private island, where the dinner is served. Many people on the banks of the New River turn their lights on to greet the Jungle Queen in her passing, and guests of the riverboat are sure to enjoy the quiet moonlit ride home.

The sightseeing cruise takes place in the morning hours and is somewhat shorter than the dinner cruise; visitors pass through beautiful tropical settings by lovely mansions, yachts, basins, and the Everglades until the boat reaches the Jungle Queen Indian Village on a private island, which is home to dozens of colorful birds and alligators on exhibition. Each of these Fort Lauderdale boat tours is accompanied by the friendly voice of the captain as he informs guests of the riverboat of their whereabouts.

Similarly, the Water Taxi cruises through the canals of Fort Lauderdale, but instead of just one boat, there are several taxis that stop to exchange passengers. Ticketed patrons can ride the water taxi for an entire day with unlimited on-and-off privileges. Eleven stops are located throughout the canal system, allowing visitors to disembark and tour the local surroundings and attractions before boarding another taxi to move further along the system. Or, for those who would just like to enjoy the ride, guests of this boat tour in Fort Lauderdale are welcome to listen to the expert advice and information the knowledgeable crew has to offer.

Another way to visit the city is to sail along the coastal waters of Fort Lauderdale; a number of boat rental companies offer their services for a sailing trip, including Tropical Sailing, which offers rides aboard a 50-foot sailboat named the Spirit of Lauderdale. This establishment offers several types of tours from, including those that just travel along the coast and an intracoastal mansion tour for party groups. Visiting Fort Lauderdale makes for one of the most pleasant vacations whatever your style, and Fort Lauderdale boat tours offer a unique experience that all travelers are sure to enjoy.

Image: Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau
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