Fort Lauderdale Car Rental

Whether you're driving along the coast next to sparkling waters or cruising through a tropical paradise adjacent to canals, an energetic downtown, or the quiet garden district, leasing a rental car in Fort Lauderdale lends freedom and independence to your vacation. Thousands of visitors from around the world come to the shores of Florida each year, and as such, before hopping into a car and driving off, it's wise to become familiar with the rules of the road. The streets of Fort Lauderdale are arranged with great precision and calculation; however, there are impediments that can pose a bit of confusion to the inexperienced visitor. When you visit the Venice of America, as the city is sometimes called, it is almost a sure bet that you will be in need of some type of transportation, and a Fort Lauderdale car rental is just one of the many options available to visitors.A Fort Lauderdale Airport car rental and the local rental companies each come with their own advantages, but either one offers the best prices with early booking

Fort Lauderdale car rental companies can be found in several locations throughout the city; most of the major establishments have a home at the airport as well as in other areas. Those visitors arriving by plane can very easily make reservations with a Fort Lauderdale Airport car rental company. Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise are a few of the outfits where travelers can find a reliable car rental in Fort Lauderdale. Travelers are not limited to a Fort Lauderdale Airport car rental; researching local companies can also pay off, as they sometimes offer cheaper prices with the same reliability. A couple of well-known local Fort Lauderdale car rental businesses include Payless Car Rental and Sunshine Car Rental; using a travel search engine can help ensure a cheap car rental in Fort Lauderdale as can checking for a vacation package ahead of time.

In the plainest of terms, driving a rental car in Fort Lauderdale can be either easy or frustrating. Wandering the coastal highways and byways is always a pleasure; a convertible is an altogether spectacular experience on these particular roads, as the sun warms you and the wind tugs at your hair. Otherwise, the traffic in this city varies depending on when you go, and during the peak travel season, the urban traffic becomes especially heavy. Generally speaking, the roads of Fort Lauderdale have been clearly planned, and to become acquainted with navigation through throughout the area, visitors should know that lanes running east and west are almost always known as streets, boulevards, or roads, while those running north and south are known as avenues, drives, or highways.

These categories are extremely important to remember to avoid getting lost, as some roads may have the same name with a different suffix. While navigation in Fort Lauderdale is overall fairly simple, visitors should remember that as this is the Venice of America, drivers will be running into one canal or another while driving, and if you are in unfamiliar territory, this can just as simply become a baffling puzzle. However, learning the major highways that run in either direction can quite easily solve most navigational problems, as can getting a GPS or similar device. For international visitors who are planning to rent a car, you must obtain an international driver’s license before you reach the United States, as you will not be able to do so once you have arrived.

Having your own mode of transportation makes it easy to plan which things to do and attractions to include on your trip. In the end, there are a number of travel resources available for your vacation in this tropical paradise filled with life, adventure, and entertainment, and whether you choose to book a rental car in Fort Lauderdale or just plain to hoof it, you will surely enjoy the intriguing charm that characterizes the city.

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