Fort Lauderdale Restaurants

Fort Lauderdale dining is a variable experience filled with an assortment of different atmospheres and a wide selection of culinary delights. Though eating may not seem like an important part of your vacation planning, finding the right dining options is essential to creating a full vacation experience. From Fort Lauderdale seafood restaurants to steakhouses to the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale on the sea, the oft-called Venice of America offers a host of diverse eating encounters for visitors to savor. Travelers will find plenty of things to do during their vacation, and the Fort Lauderdale restaurants extend open arms to help you enjoy your southern Florida experience even more.

Some people eat to live, and others live to eat, while for still others, eating is all part of the spice in life, adding an enjoyable charm from a simple, yet delicious, plate of food. Some of the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale offer some of the most delectable dishes in the city at very reasonable prices. For instance, Chez Laurent is a French restaurant with dim lighting, cozy nooks, and roses on every table; or for a bit of affordable upscale casual Fort Lauderdale dining, try Cypress Terrace at Inverrary Plaza Resort, and grab a beer with friends at Hops Restaurant and Brewery as you watch your food simmering on the fire.

The city is popular for its coastal location and inviting beaches, and another set of the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale can be found by seaside; these restaurants offer something more than just food. They provide a natural atmosphere oozing with charm as the waves crashing on the shore provide the soundtrack for the diners on shore. Waterfront dining is available at dozens of restaurants lining the shores of Fort Lauderdale, including Grille 66, a luxurious steakhouse located within the Hyatt; the Caribbean-style Blue Moon Fish Company; the Tuscan Serafina; Bahia Cabana, which is particularly nice for breakfast; and the Rustic Inn Crabhouse, which offers somewhat messy but delicious dining.

If you are headed for a Fort Lauderdale seafood restaurant, you are most certainly in for a pleasant experience, as visitors will find an abundance of Fort Lauderdale dining venues offering nothing but the finest and freshest seafood on their menus. The Sunfish Grill offers a vintage ambience along with fresh, homemade meals. 15th Street Fisheries boasts two types of settings: On the lower floor, casual simple dining takes place, while the upper exudes formality where exotic dishes and appetizers take center stage. Open-air dining is the attraction at the Café Bluefish, a rustic-style establishment with a beautiful coastal location in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale is filled with an abundance of attractions, and a day of sightseeing, shopping, and relaxing in the ocean can be taxing on the body, making fuel stops an important part of your vacation. Fort Lauderdale restaurants offer a variety of culinary goodness, and with the great variety of restaurants, there is truly something for everyone. You can explore the Venice of America through her restaurants as well as through her canals, but however you choose to spend your vacation, be sure to include some of the delightful Fort Lauderdale restaurants on your itinerary to fully experience this seaside gem.

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