Fort Lauderdale Beach

Among travelers, Florida is perhaps best known for its beautiful beaches, and Fort Lauderdale offers some of the finest ones in the state, as well as a great array of nearby attractions, hotels, and activities such as shopping. Fort Lauderdale Beach is one of the cleanest beaches along the coast, drawing scores of visitors to its shore for this reason alone. In addition to beach activities such as swimming, patrons can enjoy the attractions in close proximity to the beach, including Las Olas Boulevard, the Riverwalk, the Wave Wall, and Bonnet House.

For many years, Fort Lauderdale Beach Florida was known as a college student party hub, but in recent years this image has changed with a complete overhaul of improvements in the area as well as the prohibition of public drinking. Today, it is a major tourist attraction that is appropriate and welcoming for the whole family and an ideal place for vacationers to expect a relaxing and wholesome experience.

With seven miles of pristine coastline, the Fort Lauderdale Beach offers a host of opportunities for fun in the sun. Visitors can engage in a multitude of activities along the shores, and while swimming and sunbathing are among the obvious things to do, there are a great deal more, including picnicking, snorkeling, diving, surfing, boating, and fishing. Scuba diving and snorkeling are both great ways to experience the world below the surface, while boating and fishing also offer their own brand of excitement. Visitors to the Fort Lauderdale City Beach should be aware that some of these activities, including surfing, boating, and fishing, are allowed only in designated locations.

While sunbathing and enjoying the beach activities is always a top priority for vacationers in Florida, they are certainly not limited to staying on the Fort Lauderdale Beach, particularly when you need a break from the sun or are looking for a bite to eat. There are many attractions that are within walking distance or a short drive from the Fort Lauderdale City Beach, including Bonnet House, the Riverwalk, and the famous Wave Wall. The Wave Wall is simply a beachside promenade, but it remains unique in structure, and its squiggly pattern is responsible for its name. The Riverwalk offers visitors a relaxing walk through garden trails as well as shop-lined streets, including Las Olas Boulevard. Las Olas Boulevard leads directly to the Fort Lauderdale Beach Florida, and though it is not the only way to reach the shore, it was the first.

Fort Lauderdale Beach offers only the best of activities, cleanliness, and entertainment. Visitors to the Fort Lauderdale City Beach can also take advantage of its proximity to attractions in the area, from the Museum of Science and Discovery to Las Olas Boulevard. But whatever you choose to do during your vacation in this lively area, be sure to pay a visit to the number one attraction, Fort Lauderdale Beach Florida. The state of Florida is famous for its gorgeous oceanfront attractions, and you won't be disappointed with this one.

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