Fort Lauderdale Canals

The 300-plus miles of navigable canals in Fort Lauderdale are one of the city’s notable attractions. They come together in a network of intersecting waterways meandering throughout residential areas filled with luxury homes, gleaming mega yachts, and luxurious marinas, highlighting some very scenic areas within Fort Lauderdale, the “Venice of Florida.” The largest number of these channels dots the area between the Intracoastal Waterway, the beaches of the coastal barrier, and the Florida mainland. There are several options for exploring the maze of Fort Lauderdale canals with their sprawling waterfront residences. The Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi is a great option, as is a ride on one of the many gondola tours available. There are also outfitting companies that provide tours of the canals via kayak, which can be a fruitful active pursuit during vacations.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale

An overview of downtown Fort Lauderdale reveals a network of canals, most of them man-made, forking off from the main north/south Intracoastal Waterway. Transportation into the downtown area is possible via the city water taxi traveling from Oakland Park all the way south into New River and onward into the downtown area. The first downtown stop off the water taxi is within walking distance to the north section of the city’s Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District not far from South Riverwalk, located southeast off the New River near Smoker Park. With so many miles of canals available, a large number of locals opt for traveling throughout the city on boats.

Fort Lauderdale Skyline

Fort Lauderdale Skyline
Fort Lauderdale Skyline

The Fort Lauderdale skyline features an array of attractions within a scene that is both vibrant and modern. One of the most famous sights, completed in 2004, is the 42-story Las Olas River House. The twin towers of the Las Olas River House are a unique sight along the skyline, which is a mix of buildings of varying height. It is the tallest of any building in Broward County and is said to be the tallest of any residential condo between Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta. Locals claim the best skyline views are from the Fort Lauderdale marina, which combines the buildings of the skyline with the backdrop of the azure blue waterways the city is famous for. Fort Lauderdale’s downtown area has undergone extensive construction over the last decade, which has added intrigue and beauty to the city’s overall skyline.

White House Fort Lauderdale

White House Fort Lauderdale
White House Fort Lauderdale

The incredible homes that can be seen along the Fort Lauderdale canals are one of the reasons so many people opt for one of the many boat tours offered. Huge, sprawling residences with stunning, manicured gardens, seemingly endless verandas, and all the toys one can imagine are in open view of the taxi routes. One of the most photographed of all the homes is known as The White House, because it looks so much like the White House in Washington D.C. Enveloped by more than a dozen towering palms, the two-story home is long and narrow, features twenty twin columns, and a stunning second-floor veranda.

Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk

Downtown Riverwalk

The unique urban attractions are one of the things that make Fort Lauderdale ...

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