Best Time to Visit Fort Lauderdale

Many times, the most difficult part of planning a trip is choosing when to go and where. Florida has always been a top destination for travelers, and while travel to Fort Lauderdale is a great option anytime of year, there are certain seasons that require more careful planning. Sunny days are often thought of as being synonymous with Florida, but those who are familiar with the southern region of the United States know that while the days are nearly always warm, the onset of the rainy season means there is a decent chance for precipitation every day. The very best weather in Fort Lauderdale occurs from November to May, but be aware of the peak season from December to March when packs of visitors crowd the beaches and attractions.

When to go to Fort Lauderdale
When to go to Fort Lauderdale

As a top destination in the United States, Florida is one of the most frequently visited states, which means crowds of people come during peak season, often fleeing the winter weather in colder parts of the country. Tourism is in full swing when the temperatures cool down and the sun isn't so strong, beginning in December and winding down in March. During this time, Fort Lauderdale trips are very popular; visitors are pouring in and hotel prices are at their highest, and though this is the most popular time for travel to Fort Lauderdale, you might consider avoiding it if crowds are not your thing or if you are traveling on a tight budget and looking to save money during your vacation.

The southeastern United States is characterized by heavy rain, and Florida is no exception. The rainy season in Fort Lauderdale begins in the latter part of May, just after the Spring Break frenzy. With the onset of the rainy weather, the influx of visitors dies down and the prices of hotels go down as well; however, as the crowds dissipate, travelers should plan carefully and keep a close eye on the weather if they are planning to travel to Fort Lauderdale at this time, as hurricanes season also falls during this period.

However, deciding when to go to Fort Lauderdale is not that difficult; the best time for most vacationers is easy to figure out, based on any specific preferences for dodging crowds or avoiding rough weather. The confluence of the off-season and peak season is the best times for Fort Lauderdale trips. The most pleasant weather begins in November, but since it is only the beginning, the crowds are typically still small. Visitors start rushing in, traffic is heavier, and prices can be higher from December through the end of March. Tourist season is winding down by April, and the pleasant weather usually keeps up until the end of May, when the temperature is rising and the rainy season takes over.

Other factors to consider if you're considering when to go to Fort Lauderdale are how you plan to spend your vacation. If outdoor activities such as snorkeling and golfing are your pleasure, then good weather is particularly important, but travelers who are interested in spending time indoors, visiting historic sites such as Bonnet House and the Museum of Discovery, can enjoy their trip at any time of year. Checking into annual events is also a good idea, as there are numerous festivals in the city that might be appealing and are worth scheduling around.

Fort Lauderdale trips are always exciting and entertaining, and planning when to go to Fort Lauderdale is the first step in ensuring a great vacation. Whether you choose to visit after the rain sets in and the crowds disperse, during the peak season, or in the shoulder season, you'll find an array of attractions and entertaining things to do, no matter what type of activities and tours you prefer. And of course, there are always vacation packages to help you create the perfect trip while keeping the cost down.

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