Jacksonville Cruises

Jacksonville cruises range from short pleasure cruises to extended cruises that visit destinations such as the Caribbean. Thanks to the Jacksonville Cruise Terminal, which is also known as JAXPORT, Jacksonville has become quite a popular embarkation point for those who are looking to escape to the Bahamas. Both four-day and five-day cruises from Jacksonville to the Bahamas can be enjoyed, and the ultimate destinations of choice include Freeport and Nassau. If you don't have the time to head out to the Bahamas for the better part of a week, the Jacksonville river cruises are worth considering. The St Johns River, which courses through the heart of the city, is a scenic and historic waterway that is excellent for sightseeing, not to mention fishing.

The Jacksonville river cruises are popular among locals and visitors alike, and since they are relatively short in length, they are easy to fit on the itinerary. When taking to the St. Johns River on a cruise, you can either enjoy a public cruise or a private charter. There are advantages to both, and it really comes down to what you have in mind. Those who are getting married in Jacksonville are bound to prefer a romantic private cruise down the river, while those who are looking to party a little might opt for one of the public Jacksonville river cruises. The public cruise boats feature full bars, entertainment, and dining options that would please anyone. They can actually be booked for private parties, and this can include wedding receptions, birthday bashes, and Christmas celebrations, among other things.

Some of the public Jacksonville River cruises are more or less dinner cruises that turn into dance parties as the night wears on. They typically last around three hours and tend to be affordably priced. In addition to cruising along the St. Johns River, those who are interested in Jacksonville cruises that stay within the general area can also head out to sea. On the 65-foot King Neptune party boat, day trips that feature good food and plenty of fishing on the Atlantic Ocean can be enjoyed. You'll be provided with bait and tackle if you want to fish during your King Neptune cruise, and some of the fish that you can hope to catch include sea bass, spinner sharks, red snapper, and grouper, among others.

Jacksonville cruises come in many different shapes and sizes, and sightseeing cruise tours can always be enjoyed if you are interested. In addition to booking a sightseeing cruise in Jacksonville, you might look to arrange one in nearby destinations like Amelia Island or St. Augustine. You can also do quite a lot of sightseeing on the Jacksonville cruises that head to the Bahamas. Rich in history and culture, the Bahamas is an ideal place to escape to when you want to enjoy some fun in the sun. Perhaps you'll go scuba diving in the Bahamas once you arrive, or maybe you'll simply opt to relax on an idyllic beach. A local tour is always worth considering as well.

For those who are planning on enjoying cruise from Jacksonville to the Bahamas, you can find the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal at 9810. Parking is available for a fee at the Jacksonville Cruise Terminal, and the rates are fair. You will have to pay extra, however, if you need to park an oversized recreational vehicle, such as an RV. The current Jacksonville Cruise Terminal is only a temporary one, and plans are in the works to develop a more permanent one in the near future, which should add to the number of cruises out of the city.

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