Jacksonville Dining

Jacksonville is one of Florida's northern-most urban areas, and a bustling port city. It's a major player in commercial, cultural, financial, and industrial areas and offers many things to do and explore. Jacksonville dining options, hotels, attractions, and the nearby ocean combine to create an excellent vacation destination for families of all sizes and age groups. Several distinct areas make up this exciting Florida city, with the waterfront being one of the most popular. The large variety of restaurants in Jacksonville offer something akin to each unique tastes. From a wealth of delicious ethnic foods to fresh seafood, American classics, and scores of chain restaurants, dining in Jacksonville is an experience to relish in.

The true excellence of Jacksonville dining lies not only in the vast assortment of restaurants and market fresh foods but also in the high quality that is standard throughout most restaurants in Jacksonville. As a sprawling, modern city, Jacksonville offers everything from fast food to world-class dining, affording a wide choice in options. Both excellent nightlife hot spots and special events offer another avenue for trying more of the many great appetizers, main courses, and desserts available in the city.

There are several distinct areas featuring many great attractions as well as some of the best dining in Jacksonville. When looking for great views of the St. John River, explore numerous Jacksonville dining options near the Riverwalk, a newly constructed boardwalk flanking both the north and south river banks. Wine bars, cafes, steakhouses, bistros, and other types of restaurants in Jacksonville can be found throughout the immediate area. This district is also an excellent shopping area.

The Riverwalk sits on the south side of the downtown district, another spot to find many dining options and entertainment. Straddling the Saint John River banks, downtown Jacksonville offers more than 50 restaurants to choose from, insuring a choice for every taste and budget. Classic diners, Asian eateries, a host of American favorites including grills and taverns, seafood and steakhouses, as well as a variety of fast food chains comprise downtown's eclectic dining options. Downtown restaurants in Jacksonville also include local favorites like Italian Cuban, Spanish, and other Latin restaurants.

There are even more Jacksonville dining options throughout Amelia Island, a barrier island situated thirty miles offshore. Amelia Island is home to Fernandina Beach where even more choices are available. The majority of island restaurants offer either casual dining, steak, and seafood choices. There are a small handful of international options, a smattering of fast food restaurants, many well-known chains and other American eateries. Asian restaurants comprise a handful of dining options, while a few coffee houses offering specialty desserts and drinks.

More options for dining in Jacksonville can be found along the plentiful beaches, at Jacksonville Landing, in nearby St Augustine where rich history rules, and near the Jacksonville airport. Visitors can expect access to the freshest seafood available including snapper, grouper, shrimp and swordfish, four of the most popular options throughout restaurants in Jacksonville. Jacksonville dining also includes popular southern fried chicken, steak, sushi and barbeque. The Datil pepper—a very hot pepper—hails from St. Augustine, meaning many of the dishes available at Jacksonville dining spots attribute their fiery dishes to this spicy addition. Also hailing from the region, cultivated by the French and Spanish immigrants, are savory wines, the first ever to be made in North America. With a glass of American vintage wine, a panoramic ocean view and a delicious meal, Jacksonville dining is an experience both locals and visitors are keen to soak in.

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