Jacksonville Riverwalk

No trip to Jacksonville would be complete without some time spent at the downtown Riverwalks. Set on the north and south banks of the St Johns River, the Riverwalks in Jacksonville are among the top places to hang out in the city, especially on the weekends. The Jacksonville Riverwalk that runs along the south bank opened in 1985, and just two years later, the north bank Riverwalk followed suit. The downtown Riverwalks are excellent places to take in the St Johns River in Jacksonville, and there are other things to keep you busy when you're not sitting back and taking it all in.

While some might argue that the Jacksonville Riverwalk that can be found on the south bank has never managed to meet its original expectations, it is nonetheless an inviting attraction that many visitors are bound to enjoy. Spanning just over one mile in length, the Riverwalk on the south bank of the St Johns River in Jacksonville is a wooden boardwalk that is ideal for languid strolls or vigorous jogs. Since it offers wonderful views of the city's shiny buildings, you'll want to bring your camera along when exploring it. In addition to snapping photos of the downtown buildings, you might take some pictures of the shorebirds that you are likely to see, or maybe the passing riverboats. As you stroll along the south bank Jacksonville Riverwalk, you will come across some military memorials and a small museum that highlights Jacksonville history. Also found along the strip are the Friendship Fountain and the Museum of Science and History.

The Friendship Fountain, which can be found on the western end of the south bank Jacksonville Riverwalk, is a large fountain that is especially dynamic at night, thanks to the more than 250 lights that illuminate it. It's not far from the Jacksonville Maritime Museum, which deserves a look if you have the time. As for the Museum of Science and History, it is easily one of the best museums in Jacksonville. Its interactive exhibits cater to both kids and adults, and the ticket prices include a show in the planetarium. Often times, you'll stumble across a special Museum of Science and History event when strolling along the Riverwalks in Jacksonville. Among the events that the museum sponsors are arts and crafts festivals, themed parties, and parades.

Should you get hungry while exploring the Riverwalks in Jacksonville, the north bank offers the Landing, which is one of the city's top dining destinations. Numerous events are held at the Jacksonville Landing, such as weekly live music performances, and there are more than 65 shops here if you need to satisfy the shopping bug. The Jacksonville Landing is one of the top attractions in Jacksonville, and while it might sound a little touristy, it's actually a place where many locals like to hang out when they find themselves with some free time.

Expanding the Riverwalks along the St Johns River in Jacksonville has been something that the city has been keen on in the last decade, and while some plans have yet to be acted upon, others have been carried out. Recent improvements include new access points that offer a park-like setting. In 1997, the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts opened, setting up shop next to the Jacksonville Landing. That same year, the Jim and Jan Moran Theater and the Robert E. Jacoby Symphony Hall also opened, adding to the entertainment options along the Riverwalks in Jacksonville.

Hanging out at the Riverwalks that can be found along the St Johns River in Jacksonville is a joy day or night, and you're encouraged to inquire about what's on tap here in the way of festivals and events during your time in the city. Even if a special event or festival isn't going on, you can still enjoy a good meal, do some shopping, take in a Broadway-style show, visit an interesting museum, or simply relax on a bench and take it all in.

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Jacksonville Riverwalk


No trip to Jacksonville would be complete without some time spent at the down...

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