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Jacksonville sits on the northeastern shores of Florida, north of Daytona Beach and just south of the Georgia border. Easily reached by I-95, Jacksonville is a thriving metropolis encompassing the largest parcel of land in the continental United States. It's a prominent business hub, a busy commercial port, and home to almost 900,000 residents. Miles of waterways and beaches, an incredible network of beautiful parks, and an exciting inner-city area offer plenty of things to do and see during a Jacksonville vacation.

Florida is well known for having a warm, pleasant climate yet the weather can be equally volatile at different times of the year and in different regions of the state. North, central, and southern Florida all experience unique weather patterns, making it essential to check the weather in the specific area you plan to visit. Anyone trying to determine when to go to Jacksonville should note the best times to go based on the weather are both spring and fall. Planning a Jacksonville trip in the winter months means contending with cool or cold temperatures as well as the odd snowfall.

Beginning in mid-April and continuing through the summer months to Labor Day, the northern attractions and beaches are as crowded as they get all year. Travel to Jacksonville during these months is extremely popular with visitors from Alabama, Georgia, and a variety of other states. Panama City Beach is a hot spot during Spring Break, evident by how fast Panama City Beach hotels fill up. Jacksonville is not as busy a destination during holidays like Easter, as some other key locations in Florida can be, but Jacksonville hotels still do get booked fairly quickly during special events and holidays.

In general, hurricane season begins in June and ends in September. This period experiences the hottest months, with temperatures hitting 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Hurricane season is wildly unpredictable, and cities along both west and east coasts, such as Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and West Palm Beach, can end up bearing the brunt of a storm blowing in off the ocean. The most important thing to do when planning a Jacksonville trip is to be prepared. Travel to Jacksonville can mean unforeseen circumstances. All communities furnish residents and visitors with hurricane relief centers. Take the time to find out where there is one near your hotel. Keep a keen eye on the weather during a Jacksonville vacation in hurricane season and be prepared with extra food and water.

Though planning when to go to Jacksonville will be largely based on when your vacation time is, the subtropical climate in Jacksonville offers roughly a four to five month window of sublime weather. The wet season begins in May or June to November. Rain tends to be fast and fierce, with rain clouds often moving on as fast as they move in. A Jacksonville vacation during the summer months means you could be paying up to double for the rates at resorts, bed and breakfasts, and hotels. The good news is there are always ways to save through Florida vacation deals on hotels, cruises, helicopter tours, and more. Florida vacation packages are plentiful and offer an advantage over steep prices in busy months.

During a Jacksonville trip in the spring or fall, long sleeves, a light jacket, and slacks are necessary items. Further into the summer, as temperatures rise, the entire state gets hot and humid. Coastal areas enjoy the extra perk of sea breezes that blow in, cooling off the urban areas. If you're planning when to go to Jacksonville, keep in mind that major holidays, including Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas, and New Year's Eve are extremely busy, and expensive, times to travel. A Jacksonville trip during a major holiday means the onslaught of crowds, especially at Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and other major attractions.

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