Key West rentals are available for all kinds of things. This coincides with the numerous choices for Key West activities. The island is a wonderful place to indulge in bike rides, for example, and bicycle rentals are certainly in good supply. Kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving are just some of the other possible Key West activities, and whether you choose to go it alone or to book a guided tour for your activities of choice, you can all but be reassured that the necessary rental equipment will be available.

Bike Rental

Bike Rental
Bike Rental

Biking is one of the most popular modes of transportation in Key West, both for locals and visitors. Part of the reason for this is the fact that parking a car in many areas around the island can be difficult. A bike, on the other hand, you can park virtually anywhere. Various outlets offer Key West bike rentals in the event that you are without your own cycle, and you can also consider arranging Key West bike tours. Some of the Key West bike rental operations offer free bicycle delivery and pick up. Anyone who is interested in biking during their Key West vacation is encouraged to check to see if their hotel or vacation rental offers complimentary cycle rentals. Not only is this convenient. It can also save you money.

Scooter Rental

Scooter Rental
Scooter Rental

Another popular way to get around Key West is by way of a scooter or moped. As is true of biking, this means of transportation allows riders to park with ease virtually wherever they go. Unless you are trying to get some exercise, the advantage of riding a scooter or a moped versus a bicycle is that you don’t have to peddle to get from one point to another. You can thus conserve energy for any other activities that you plan to add to your list of things to do in Key West. Scooter and moped rentals are easy enough to come by around Key West. It is common for these rentals to be offered by the same operations that offer bicycle rentals and other kinds of rental equipment.

Jet Ski Rental

Jet Ski Rental
Jet Ski Rental

A good way to get out on the water during a Key West vacation is by renting a jet ski and letting loose. Not only is it fun to zip around on a jet ski. This is also a great way to sightsee. Some people actually argue that the best way to see Key West is from the water. It definitely offers a different perspective on things. If you want, you can even circumnavigate the main island and get a good comprehensive look at the coastline. Many of the jet skis that are available for rent in Key West can seat two people, allowing couples to share their time out on the water. For those who aren’t sure about venturing out on their own, Key West jet ski tours are the way to go. Some of the available tours take guests on a two-hour, 28-mile cruise around the island. Stops are made at various points of interest, such as the Southernmost Point.

Boat Rental Key West

The Florida Keys in general is a popular boating destination. As such, marinas are found throughout the islands, including in Key West. These marinas are good places to arrange private boat charters for such things as sunset cruises and fishing excursions. They are also good places to rent a boat during your Key West escape. Various kinds of boats can be rented around the city/island, including fishing boats, pontoon boats, snorkeling boats, and pleasure boats. You can even rent kayaks if that’s what you prefer. Depending on where you rent your vessel of choice, you might also be able to purchase or rent such other things as bait, tackle, or snorkeling equipment. Also, boat rentals are available for more than one day, so you can go as far as to have a personal watercraft for your entire vacation.

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