Key West Vacation Rentals

Key West vacation rentals are available in good number. Thanks to the relatively recent completion of a handful of multimillion-dollar condominium developments, condos are in especially good supply. If you’re interested in something other than a condo, there are options there as well. Perhaps a cozy cottage or a larger home will be a better fit. Either way, it is best to book your Key West vacation rental in advance. This is an especially good idea if you are visiting during the peak winter season or when major Key West events like the Hemingway Days (July) are going on. During the winter, it should be noted, the Key West lodging rates tend to be at their highest across the board. Also, regardless of the time of year, many Key West vacation rentals have required minimum stays of at least two or three days.

Vacation Rentals on the Beach

It’s no secret that the best Florida beaches aren’t found in the Florida Keys. In fact, many of the islands in the Keys lack beaches altogether. Key West is one of the rare islands that does have beaches, and for beach enthusiasts, staying close to one of these sandy stretches can be a great way to go during Key West vacations. A number of condos enjoy beachfront locations in Key West, and depending on the condo complex in question, there might also be opportunities to enjoy such onsite facilities as tennis courts, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and hot tubs. Key West visitors can also find bungalows, cottages, and homes that are on or near a beach, so it pays to consider all of the available options. Couples on romantic escapes might prefer a small cottage or bungalow, while families can make good use of a larger home.

Condo Rentals

Condo Rentals
Condo Rentals

Since many of the condo rentals in Key West are part of condo complexes that feature resort-like facilities, they can be an excellent fit for visitors who wish to combine the amenities of a vacation rental with those of a resort hotel. Also, while there are house rentals in Key West, some of the available condos are quite large and offer multiple bedrooms. Thus, they can be a good alternative for families or other small groups that want to have more space than your average hotel rooms have to offer. Depending on your needs, you can book a Key West condo for just a couple of days or for a month or more. Rather lavish condos are available, as are more affordable options, so you can choose accordingly.

Rental Homes Near Duval Street

Duval Street is the main strip in Key West. Running through the heart of town, it is very much a center of action and is almost always buzzing, especially along the central and northern portions of the road. It tends to be quieter on the southern side. Since Duval Street is such a major Key West avenue and is home to numerous points of interest, many tourists wish to stay within close proximity. Rentals homes near Duval Street are available, with townhomes being among the most common examples. Separate stand-alone homes are also available in the area for those who prefer going that route. Basically, when trying to find rental homes near Duval Street, you’ll want to focus on the Old Town district of Key West. This core area surrounds Duval Street and is where the majority of the Key West tourist attractions are located.

Rental Cottages

While a house or condo with multiple bedrooms can make for a great Key West travel base, some visitors just don’t need all that extra space. This is where a smaller Key West rental cottage comes in. Cozy and charming, these kinds of accommodations can be especially ideal for single travelers or couples on romantic getaways. You’ll have your own little, private retreat to escape to when you’re not enjoying sunset cruises, candlelight dinners, or anything else that you have on your list of things to do. Some of the Key West vacation rentals that are listed as cottages have more than one bedroom and can accommodate a higher amount of people, so you don’t have to limit yourself to one-bedroom abodes when searching for charming cottage lodging.

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