Miami Airport

When you are planning to travel, one of the first things that you need to find out about is how to get to and from your destination. Increasingly, this means researching airports: The world has truly emerged as a smaller space in the recent past, especially as there’s been a huge increase in the number of destinations connected by flights. So if you want to travel to Miami, you must have a certain idea about the airports, particularly the Miami International Airport, and the destinations that they are connected to.


The most important Miami airport, especially when it comes to travelers arriving in South Florida from outside the US, is the Miami International Airport. So if you are preparing for a vacation in the area, make sure that you check for vacation packages and other deals, learn all you need to about the flights and airlines at the Miami airport, and then book your tickets

Miami Airport
Miami Airport

The Miami International Airport, also referred to as Wilcox Field, connects Miami to the whole of Europe and Latin America, along with a vast selection of domestic airports. Consequently, it’s the destination for most vacation-goers heading here, and the airport is thus extremely well-equipped, from its many eating options to the airport hotels that serve many of its travelers. These hotels are particularly convenient if you happen to be arriving late in the day or flying out early in the morning, as they allow you to enjoy that all-important extra hour of sleep.

Another airport in Miami Florida that may well serve as your destination is the Ford Lauderdale Airport. Currently listed as one of the fastest-growing air hubs of the nation, it’s a sleek and efficient place that should see you either board your plane, or disembark and collect your luggage, with a minimum of fuss. While it’s not quite as well-situated as Miami International Airport for those heading toward the city center, this airport in Miami Florida is still conveniently located, near enough both the business town of Ford Lauderdale and Miami itself to make it a viable destination for incoming visitors to either city.

Miami Airport Map
Miami Airport Map

One thing that a traveler must consider when deciding on a Miami airport is the availability of airport shuttle services. It is a very strenuous thing to try and hunt for a cab when you’re suffering from a jet lag! There are two options here: Either you book the airport shuttle service, which will drop you at your Miami hotel for a fixed fee, or you use the shuttle service provided by your hotel if available.

When researching your trip to an airport in Miami Florida, it may be worth hunting around for a Miami vacation package. These vary in type and price, though they do, generally speaking, tend to include airfare and accommodation. Check to see whether an airport shuttle service is included in the single price you pay for such vacation packages; if it does, you’ll be cutting down both on the cost and stress of arriving in a new city and giving yourself more time to relax and decide which Miami attractions you plan to visit.

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