Miami Eco Tours

Eco tourism and eco tours can mean one of a few things. In its most ardent manifestation, an eco tour is a self-sustaining trip around a certain ecosystem of your destination. Most eco tours are not so extreme, however; they consist of a guided route around a certain ecosystem or ecologically interesting environment, whereby the visitor gets to see and learn about all things related to Mother Nature in the area.

Miami eco tours are, unsurprisingly, up there with the best in America. Eco tours in Miami inevitably make the most of the area’s superb and fascinating environments, from its deep ocean waters to its marshy swamps. What’s more, these Miami eco tours are expertly and efficiently run, making them a great option for a family trip out while on a Miami vacation.

The most popular of the available eco tours in Miami is probably the Miami Everglades eco tour. The Everglades is the largest remaining swamp in the world, and it’s home to a vast array of memorable flora and fauna, including alligators, crocodiles, dolphins, hogs, hawks, and eagles. An added bonus of booking a Miami Everglades eco tour is that the tours are normally conducted from the iconic airboats.

There are also eco tours available that are themed around certain animals. For example, you can take a tour that looks at the dolphins residing in Key West, where there’s a specific area called the Dolphin Playground that is basically guaranteed to offer dolphin-spotting opportunities every day of the year. Or you could do a Parrott Jungle tour, which offers visitors the chance to see 1,000 talkative birds in their natural habitat.

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