Miami Fishing

Miami fishing is rightly famous the world over. Fishing in Miami covers the full spectrum, from inland fly-fishing to big sea game, and there are facilities in place to provide visitors with ample equipment, regardless of which variety they choose. Consequently, there is a large tourist industry just for people looking to spend their vacations fishing, and arranging a Miami deep sea fishing trip is no problem at all. Indeed, there are many vacation packages that provide for such trips, arranging transportation, accommodation, and of course the fishing itself for an all-in-one inclusive fee.

Before you go fishing in Miami, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the state of Florida's fishing rules, and in particular to make sure you have the correct license. Regulations change from state to state in America, so don’t think you’re in the know just because you’ve fished elsewhere in the country before!

While residents of the state of Florida can fish in saltwater as long as they’re standing on land, anyone between the ages of 16 and 65 from elsewhere needs a license to legally fish in Miami. Licenses can be purchased either online or in Miami, and they cover either seven-day or twelve-month periods, though the difference in price between the two is surprisingly little.

Once you have your Miami fishing license, the full wonder of Miami deep sea fishing awaits. From silver king to sea trout, snapper, and cobia, the wealth of large fish living in the waters in and around Miami is simply astounding. Arranging a fishing charter in Miami is probably the best way to get at these monsters of the deep; there are many companies that run trips, providing state-of-the-art boats and fishing equipment for a reasonable price. They also do all the boring paperwork associated with taking a boat out to sea, which makes these Miami deep sea fishing excursions even more fun for the carefree fishing vacationer.

Some of these companies combine Miami fishing with day cruises, allowing the whole family to enjoy themselves regardless of whether they’re interested in fishing. For example, you can book a boat that provides a gourmet dinner out on the seas, a great way to round off a fishing/cruising trip. Other specialty trips include party boats and custom-designed wedding cruises.

The adrenalin junky who loves fishing can also enjoy an array of other sporting activities while in Miami. With the ever-energetic surf of the Atlantic lapping at Miami’s beaches, sailing and surfing are both possibilities here. Diving, meanwhile, is a favorite among visitors who want to get close to the sea’s fish without necessarily having them for dinner.

Once a day’s fun draws to an end, Miami offers a wealth of dining out opportunities, especially around the South Beach area, which is a famous hangout for the rich and famous. After all, what better way could there be to end a day spent fishing in Miami than in a restaurant, eating a fresh catch with the sound of the sea in the background.

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