Miami Golf

One of the greatest tourist attractions in the sunny state of Miami is golfing. Miami offers its visitors a variety of golf courses, each capitalizing on the city’s beautiful natural characteristics to offer a first-class golfing experience. As a result, any trip to Miami would be incomplete without a visit to one of its celebrated golf courses.

In fact, many consider Miami to be a great place for learning golf. There is something magical about the golfing ambience in Miami that instills in you a love for the game that is hard to let go. Miami golf is a particularly popular attraction because of the great weather that prevails here throughout the year. Warm temperatures and sunny skies in South Florida make it just perfect for enthusiastic golfers to test their skills.

One of the most popular and beautiful Miami golf courses is the Crandon Golf Course. Located in Key Biscayne, this course continues to entice golfers with its exquisite natural beauty. Crandon Golf Course offers the very best of Miami golf; while teeing off here, you'll experience the beauty of tropical mangrove forests that surround the greens. Apart from the scenery, golfers also swear by the challenges that the Crandon Course poses—even to professional golfers. This is undoubtedly one of the most unique and best golf courses in Miami.

The Crandon Golf Course has emerged as a luxury destination in the recent past, mainly due to the opening of the Ritz Carlton in the year 2001. The Ritz Carlton, a luxury beach resort, is a stone’s throw away from the golf course. Consequently, many golfers head to Miami simply for this great golf-and-hospitality combination.

Another famous Miami golf destination is the Bayshore Golf Course. An established and attractive course, it’s a favorite among locals and golfing visitors alike, proving to be one of the most popular Miami golf courses out there. Golf fees for a game at this Miami Beach golf club vary from season to season. The peak season (from the end of December to the end of April) is the costliest; try golfing in Miami here between May and October, however, and you can end up paying 50 percent less. While golfing in Miami at this course, you can stay at the convenient nearby hotels such as the Marriot or The Alexander.

One of the most famous Miami golf courses is the Biltmore Golf Club, which is famously the favorite golf course of President Bill Clinton. This masterfully built golf course is extremely well-maintained and can delight any golf aficionado. The setting of the course is also a beautiful one and has a calming effect on even the most anxious of nerves—not a bad thing, especially on those days when the ball isn’t quite coming off the club correctly.

Golfing in Miami has emerged as one of the most exquisite forms of vacationing here. In fact, thousands flock to Miami every year simply for a few days of undiluted golfing enjoyment. The presence of so many world-class golf courses, coupled with the availability of luxury resorts and hotels close by, makes Miami the ultimate golfing destination.

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