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Miami tours provide an excellent way to get to know this vibrant city in Florida, otherwise known as the Sunshine State. One of the great benefits of a Miami sightseeing tour is that it takes the onus off you, the vacationer. Instead of having to organize your day of sightseeing—which may include arranging for a car rental, figuring out how to get places, and deciding where to eat—the company that runs your tour in Miami will basically do everything for you. The best tours in Miami are thus the ones that truly allow their clients to kick back and soak up this magnificent city, without having to worry about the logistics at all.

Miami tours come in many shapes and sizes, which means that vacationers of all tastes should find something to keep them happy. Generally speaking, most people opt for a one-day Miami sightseeing tour, though longer options are available. Typically, a one-day tour in Miami will begin early, with many arranging hotel pick-ups, stop for lunch, and finish in time for dinner.

Tours in Miami
Tours in Miami

A popular Miami sightseeing tour is a cruise of the Biscayne Bay area. This is where Miami’s upper class lives, and it’s an eminently scenic—and fascinating—place to gaze upon. From a boat you’ll see the mansions, tennis courts, and yachts of the rich and famous. In addition, many of the Miami tours that offer a glance at Biscayne Bay combine a boat ride with a shorter bus trip, so that the enchanting area of Little Havana, and particularly its ever-lively Calle Ocho neighborhood, can be explored properly.

A city tour in Miami is also a favorite among sightseeing vacationers. These tours pick up from where the Biscayne Bay tour left off; with a ride around Miami’s best on-land attractions. Little Havana and Calle Ocho will inevitably be on the list somewhere, as will the history-laden Coconut Grove neighborhood. What the rest of the tour comprises largely depends on the company you decide to go with. Some tours will hit big-name Miami attractions such as the Seaquarium, the MetroZoo, and the Vizcaya Museum. Other tours will cater to the shopaholics, whisking you around the best shopping areas and malls in the city.

There is also a healthy sea-bound tour scene to be found in Miami, so budding sailors can enjoy a tour of the city while indulging their sea legs. For those who like to shun motorized transportation in favor of their own two feet, meanwhile, a Miami walking tour will probably prove a good bet. There are a few of these on offer in the city, especially around the beach and waterfront area; they offer relaxed and interesting guided tours of the area that benefit from being in the great outdoors, which effectively means you can work on your tan while learning about the city of Miami!

Miami Segway Tours
Miami Segway Tours

Miami tours can often be arranged through the reception desk at your Miami hotel. The hotels will be able to suggest the best tours for you, taking into account your specific needs and desires. In addition, tours may be part of some Miami vacation packages, so when researching your trip, these are worth considering as well.

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