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When it comes to vacations, there are few destinations that offer as much as Miami does. Miami has established itself on the travel map as a city that thrives on its vibrancy. There are numerous things to do in Miami, which means that, no matter what your preferences are, running out of entertainment is never really in the cards. To put it simply, Miami vacations have emerged as some of the best to be found anywhere in the world, and it’s easy to see why.

If you're considering which things to do during a vacation to Miami Florida, the options are pretty much endless. Just in terms of sports, for example, you could opt for a peaceful sailing experience in the waters off the coast of the city, or you could get the adrenaline pumping by diving into the famous wrecks and reefs to be found here. Or you could pause for a round of two of golf, as the area’s many excellent courses are basically a tourist attraction in their own right. Miami vacations are also renowned because of the city’s memorably nightlife, and the numerous places it boasts that are worth visiting after the sun goes down. Be it the cuisine of the city or the culture, there are few things as good as a vacation in Miami Florida.

Of course, not everyone wants to go adventuring when on vacation, as different individuals enjoy different kinds of holidays. But the great thing about Miami as a holiday destination is the fact that it has something to offer every personality. This is a city that’s immensely rich in culture—a characteristic you can view, every year, when the colorful Calle Ocho Festival parades through the streets of Little Havana. Miami is a varied and fascinating place, and the lively Cuban flavor to the Calle Ocho area is simply a taste of the many different influences to be found around the city.

It almost goes without saying that a vacation in Miami Florida would be incomplete without sufficient exposure to the beaches of Miami. South Beach is a stretch of sand to visit again and again during your Miami beach vacation. Massive and hip, it’s dotted with fancy restaurants and famous bars, proving the ideal place for lounging in the Miami sun. The beach restaurants have also emerged as a very popular hunt for food connoisseurs, thanks to the delectable cuisines Miami increasingly offers.

The sea aquarium, Coconut Grove, and Key Biscayne are other must-see destinations in Miami (they should be included in any standard tour of the city). Miami vacations often come in the form of vacation packages, which may well include a week-long pass to some or all of these tourist attractions. These packages make a cheap Miami vacation more than just a pipe-dream, as they help you get more for your dollar. There is also a wide range of hotels available in Miami that are there to cater to your specific needs while on vacation in Miami Florida, and many offer Miami Beach vacation packages as well. From luxury hotels located close to golf courses to budget hotels for the backpacker, Miami offers everything.

Miami Vacation Packages

Miami Vacation Packages

Miami vacation packages come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning that there will easily be something to suit every traveler, but before you look into which Miami travel deals best suit your needs, it’s important you identify exactly what you want from your trip to Miami Florida.

In vacation terms, Miami offers just about everything under the sun—which is a fitting remark, really, as everything is under a blazing, radiant sun here. You could decide to do things in style by making the most of Miami’s luxurious resorts and sun-kissed, celeb-packed beaches. Or you could decide to go the city-slicking route, making the most of Miami’s many urban attractions, sporting activities, and budget-minded hotels.

Let’s say you choose the first option: a week or more spent in the lap of luxury, enjoying the delightful mixture of picture-perfect beaches and first-class accommodation. In this case, vacation packages to Miami Beach—specifically South Beach—are often a good bet. The Miami beachfront, and especially its southern part, is renowned for being the playground of the rich and famous. Vacation packages to Miami Beach will probably include a stay at a beachside hotel, where the visitor can enjoy a range of treats, from spa treatment to fine dining.

You could also take the second option, a more hands-on exploration of Miami and its various attractions, such as the Seaquarium, the Science Museum, and the city’s Art Deco District. In this case, you’ll probably want to look for Miami vacation packages and Miami travel deals that include a pass to such cultural attractions. As such a vacation would require you traveling around town, Miami vacation deals that offer a car rental in the one-time fee would also prove a bonus, as it would save you the trouble of using public transportation, or the expense of hiring a driver.

Another important aspect to consider about Miami vacation packages is whether they include transportation to and from the airport. Many will include flights, but not all of these will include airport shuttle services. While airport shuttle services are rarely extravagantly expensive, the peace of mind of knowing your onward transportation is arranged following landing could well be a factor in deciding which of the Miami vacation packages to choose.

Finally, a large family may want to consider Miami vacation packages that offer condos as accommodation. Condos allow the family to stay close together, and thereby provide a quality bonding experience; they also tend to come with an impressive list of communal facilities, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and gyms, which means you’re assured of fun and relaxation as soon as you step out of your front door.

Miami Vacation Rentals

Miami Vacation Rentals

More and more tourists are opting for Miami vacation rentals, especially when they are traveling with the whole family. Miami has no lack of luxury hotels, which come with every kind of amenity and often cater to many budgets. However, renting a hotel for a week is much more expensive than renting a vacation home for the same period of time. The increasing popularity of vacation rentals in Miami Beach testifies to this, and there are now real estate agencies that manage Miami vacation rentals and who cater to all tastes. One can opt for a South Beach vacation rental as well a furnished condo in some other residential neighborhood of the city.

Any Miami beach rental will be different from a hotel suite in that it provides all the comforts of living in your own home. Not only does it work out cheaper in terms of actual fees, but hiring a vacation home also means being able to cook your own meals in the kitchen instead of going out for meals every evening—an excellent way to keep within your vacation budget.

Vacation rentals in Miami Beach come in all shapes and sizes—from luxurious furnished condos to spacious homes in apartment buildings. A Miami beach rental is really like a home away from home with everything provided for to the smallest detail. In fact, many vacation rentals in Miami Beach provide the same amenities that a luxury hotel offers, from gyms and swimming pools to easy access to nearby sunny beaches, restaurants, and shopping centers.

In truth, there are many advantages to using a vacation rental. For example, Miami vacation rental agencies can find the perfect vacation home for you according to your specific needs. And then there’s the fact that as compared to the hotels, (where you tend to get a single room for yourself, unless you've booked a suite, there’s plenty of space to lounge around and relax. Amenities such as televisions and music systems furnish the majority of these social spaces, making for a relaxed and friendly space within which to relax alongside the rest of your family. Most travelers who have used a Miami Beach rental will testify that it’s much easier to fully enjoy your vacation once everything, as far as the living arrangements are concerned, is taken care of—especially when traveling with the whole family.

From a beach rental, one can easily access the beaches, the most popular among these being, of course, Miami’s famous South Beach. One of the hippest places in the world, South Beach is lined with famous clubs and restaurants.

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