Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

Disney’s All Star Movies Resort
Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

Disney’s All Star Movies Resort incorporates a film theme uniquely appealing to movie buffs and a great theme altogether for Disney fans. The property is adjacent to All Star Sports Resort and All Star Music Resort in Lake Buena Vista near Animal Kingdom. Another of Disney’s Value resorts, the price point combined with amenities and facilities is ideal for families with children or anyone on a budget. The movie theme is illustrated by massive movie icons scattered around the resort—Herbie, The Love Bug, 101 Dalmatians, and Toy Story characters all receive squeals of delight from kids. Each of the All Star resorts is connected to by bus activities and theme parks within the Disney complex. The All Star Movies resort also features Cinema Hall, centered among the buildings housing the main lobby and check-in area, a Disney shop, arcade, and food court.


Value rooms offer a way to save after pricey theme park tickets and travel expenses, especially if booking through vacation packages. Standard and Preferred rooms are on offer with the lowest priced season beginning in January and ending in mid-February. Most rooms, both Standard and Preferred, have queen beds with a limited number offering one king-size bed. Small dining sets with a table and chairs, full bathrooms with vanities and mirrors, and mini fridges are available. Internet can be accessed for a fee, opening up possibilities for park research and communications. Maximum occupancy stands at four guests in both room options. Voice mail, concierge service, a room safe, and multiple views are also available. Limited wheelchair accessible rooms are also offered at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort.


The Disney All Star Movies hotel provides two swimming pools to choose between when not exploring Walt Disney World. The Fantasia Pool is huge, designed around a Sorcerer’s Apprentice theme and is the main pool on the resort property. The main feature is Mickey Mouse casting a spell from atop a small cliff where water sprays out over the pool continuously. The backdrop includes resort buildings in the same theme, featuring the famous larger-than-life dancing brooms holding buckets from Fantastia. There is also a kiddie pool following this specific theme. Hockey-rink-shaped Duck Pond Pool is a swimming pool designed around The Mighty Ducks film and is the quieter of the two. The pool is smaller but still spacious and flanked by giant hockey masks and hockey nets.


Dining options revolve around the central idea for all Disney All Star resorts. The Disney All Star Movies hotel also offers a main food court within it’s central Cinema Hall. Inside there are the standard five food court options offering a wide variety of food to choose from. The set-up and menus seem to accommodate families really well, especially those with picky eaters. The open concept design, made to resemble a large cinema lobby, allows for the convenience of ordering from several different food stations if necessary without the inconvenience of losing valuable dining time. There is also a pizza delivery option direct to rooms, an ice cream shop, and a bar serving alcoholic beverages for parents, conveniently located pool side.

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