Though Orlando, Florida has long been a vacation destination for families coming from around the world, exciting new prospects that keep popping up keep it fresh and alive with excitement. Full of fascinating sights and sounds, Sea World Aquatica opened in March 2008 after much anticipation by holiday makers and locals alike. The SeaWorld Orlando Water Park incorporates a variety of exhibits, rides and other venues that allow visitors to explore and discover many different habitats and water-based areas including white sand beaches, a sea-full of striking underwater creatures, dolphin environments, rolling rapids and much, much more.

Aquatica is the very first of it’s kind created by SeaWorld and is anticipated to be one of the most successful newest venture’s in the Orlando area. The wide scope of possibilities include numerous interactions with popular SeaWorld Aquatica wildlife and adventure’s all ages get excited about. A verdant and rich 24 hectare’s accounts for the area of the SeaWorld Orlando Water Park where rushing rivers, a number of fun wave lagoons, caverns stocked with colorful tropical fish, almost forty thrilling water slides and more than a whopping 80,000 square feet of sandy beaches are the main draw for purchasing Aquatica tickets.

For those who aren’t keen on rushing down waterslides, riding waves or interacting with animals, there are a number of other languid experiences to be had. The private cabanas offered at Aquatica are an ideal way to capture an afternoon of total relaxation and slow down the pace. Specialty shops with many one-of-a-kind items are another great way to keep dry yet still enjoy the best shopping in the park. The Lazy River at Aquatica, meandering past beautiful exotic fish species, stunning tropical birds and a bird’s eye view of the dolphin habitat is one way to spend a tranquil afternoon under the sun and shade. Thrill seekers line up to ride Adventure River, another big draw included in Aquatica tickets. More than 450 meters of waterfalls, geysers and raging rapids take visitors through a whirlwind water ride sure to make your grip tighter and your heart pound.

Immaculately landscaped and brimming with colorful local flora, the SeaWorld Orlando Water Park is designed to please the eyes no matter where you look. The park lends to good flow, easily navigated with many signs explaining exactly where you are at any given point. The ideal design makes it a breeze to get around even if you forget to pick up a map when you bought your Aquatica tickets. The large choice in things to do creates a model for family fun and ensures that every member of the family will be satisfied. Families can rent both lockers and towels for a small deposit and fee, enabling secure storage of items you might not want to otherwise carry around the park.

The shining stars of SeaWorld Aquatica so far are the Commerson’s dolphins. These dolphins are rare in that they are very similar in look to killer whales and are extremely active, using every opportunity to show off for crowds. They can be seen up close on a tube-ride through a clear tunnel where the dolphins swim and play right alongside of riders passing through the dolphin lagoon. Take a lazy rafting trip through Loggerhead Lane where you’ll be completely surrounded by tropical reef fish and other bright underwater creatures.

Aquatica tickets mean a day chock full of fun things to do with plenty to learn about different species of sea life and their habitats as well as lots of good ‘ole fashion fun to be had! With so many exciting theme parks in Orlando there’s plenty to keep the family occupied throughout an entire vacation. With the original SeaWorld directly across the street from SeaWorld Aquatica, there is days’ worth of fun and excitement to enjoy. Orlando has it all for a fun-filled family vacation with so many things to do you’ll have to plan well to pack in all the fun!

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