Block Party Bash

Disney's MGM-Studios will be re-named Disney Hollywood Studios in January and among its feature productions will be Block Party Bash, Toy Story Mania, Playhouse Disney-Live and Disney High School Musical. The new name is intended to reflect current times and represents a focal shift from the golden age of movies to the new-age entertainment that Hollywood has to offer. Block Party Bash is a new parade that features over 20 of the most notable Disney-Pixar characters. It is set to premiere at Walt Disney World in Orlando in the coming spring, joining an all-star line-up of live shows at Disney Hollywood Studios. Block Party Bash is arguably the most upbeat of Disney Hollywood shows, featuring an arrangement of trampoline artists, bikers and dancers to compliment their famous Disney-Pixar counterparts.

Block Party Bash first premiered at Disneyland in California in May of 2005. Just in time for Disneyland's 50th Birthday, Block Party Bash filled the spot left open by the former "Eureka! The California Adventure Parade". A hit from the start, the Disney company has recently decided that the parade be moved to the newly named Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida so that guests there can experience the high-energy show. At Disneyland California, Block Party Bash will be replaced with the Pixar Play Pals Parade. Set to a driving beat, the Block Party Bash parade not only includes popular Pixar personalities, but a collection of impressive floats that were inspired by past Pixar films.

Although some changes may be made to Block Party Bash when the production joins the roster of live shows at Disney Hollywood Studios, in the past, the parade's three main floats were themed after Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and A Bug's Life. Each of these main floats are set in their respective units, complete with a bunch of accompanying fanfare. A bit different than some of the other Disney Hollywood Shows, this performance is designed to surprise visitors with a seemingly impromptu mass celebration. In fact, as the parade begins, cast members sing "Celebration" as they move along to one of their designated show stops.

Following set-up, the show gets under way with a dance number set to "Dancing in the Street". The next number is called "Jump" and features various characters and acrobats who encourage the audience to jump along to the music. Soon after, a scream-off begins between both sides of the parade audience as the little Green Army Men usher in an encompassing version of the song, "Shout". After everyone is all screamed out, the "Dance" portion of this exciting performance among Disney Hollywood shows begins. Popular songs like "Footloose" and "Twist and Shout" encourage even the most timid to shake their hips. You'll likely find it hard to resist the cast of characters encouraging audience members to participate in the festivities. It's simply a good time had by all. After about 50 minutes, the show closes out with a dance number set to the song, "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.". The group of performers then packs up their floats in preparation for the next show. While the entire performance lasts approximately 50 minutes from start to finish, the duration of the central show at the designated stopping point encompasses about 11 of those 50 minutes.

Perhaps the best thing about Block Party Bash, other than it is free to park visitors, is the contagious atmosphere of fun that it inspires in those who witness it. Of course, more times than not, visitors find themselves more a part of the show than just mere witnesses. Block Party Bash and the other live shows at Disney Hollywood Studios are part of the entertainment edge that helps to make Walt Disney World such a popular vacation destination. Kids young and old will find that these shows spur the imagination and create a world of smiles.

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