Blue Man Group Orlando

Show Type:

Sharp AQUOS Theatre
Universal Orlando Theme Park
Orlando, FL 32819

Show Description:

There are only seven cities in the world where you can catch the lively Blue Man Group, and Orlando is one of them. A creative group organization, the Blue Man Group is known for its live music performances that feature the percussive antics of three highly-charged Blue Men. These intriguingly-curious men, in case you have never seen them, are painted from head to toe in blue paint, hence the name of the performance company. As one might imagine, different Blue Man performers perform in different cities, though the shows are virtually identical across the board. When you see the Blue Man Group Orlando show, you'll enjoy the unique brand of flair and excitement that the Blue Man Group brings to the stage, which is quite unlike anything else that you've likely seen before.

An emphasis on percussion is what fuels the Blue Man Group Universal Studios show, and if you like hard-driving rhythms, this one's definitely for you. During the show, the Blue Man Group members, all of whom remain muted and don simple black outfits, play an array of odd instruments, including garbage cans and pipes. While they focus on delivering thumping beats, a background band lays down the rest of the sounds. Odd props, intricate lighting, and plenty of rock music are just some of the things that characterize the Blue Man Group Orlando show, and if you're up for a truly integrated experience, you can opt to sit in the "poncho section." Should your Orlando Blue Man Group tickets have you sitting in the "poncho section", a poncho will be provided for you once you arrive. Don't forget to put it on, as you are likely to get sprayed with anything from food particles to paint. At certain times during the show, the Blue Man Group beats on drums that are covered in various substances, and this sends stuff flying all over. It's kind of like sitting too close to the tank at Sea World when Shamu makes a large splash. Only it's not water that you're bound to get hit with. For those who prefer a cleaner experience, there is seating available at the Blue Man Group Universal Studios show that doesn't put you in the line of fire, so to speak.

In addition to rock music and thumping beats, the Blue Man Group Orlando performance also features humorous satirical moments, such as when the Men take time out to ridicule a late arriver in the crowd. An all around good time, the Blue Man Group Universal Studios experience can be enjoyed by all ages, so it's one of the better picks for family-related Orlando shows. For those who are interested in Orlando Blue Man Group tickets, they are known to sell out fast, so it's always a good idea to get them in advance when possible. One of the great things about the Orlando Blue Man Group tickets is that after the show, your ticket stub will allow you to gain free admission to a number of Universal Studios CityWalk venues! In other words, you get quite a lot of bang, pun intended, for you buck!

Artists/Show Biography:

The Blue Man Group, which was founded by Matt Goldmen, Chris Wink, and Phil Stanton, put on its first feature show at the Astor Place Theater in New York City. This introductory full-length show, which was known as TUBES, opened in 1991. It wasn't long until the show was moved to Broadway because of its popularity, and soon thereafter, new installations began to run in Boston and Chicago. After gracing the stage on Broadway for the better part of the 90s, the Blue Man Group released an audio recording, following that up with a more rock-oriented traveling show. Another record would be released by the company in 2002, and it served as the catalyst for 2003's extended tour. If you don't get the chance to see the Blue Man Group Universal Studios show in Orlando, other cities in America where you can see this exciting trio include Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, and New York. Outside of the United States, you will find the company putting on shows in different cities at different times.

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