Cypress Gardens Florida

Cypress Gardens Adventure Park is a theme park that truly has something for everybody. From kiddie rides to thrill rides and everything in between, Cypress Gardens has it all. And for those that prefer their feet to be firmly planted on the ground, Cypress Gardens Adventure Park boasts beautiful botanical gardens as well as entertaining shows and spotlight attractions. Rides and attractions were added over the years, making Cypress Gardens a beloved family spot.

Dick and Julie Pope opened Cypress Gardens in 1936 with a view to turn their botanical garden into a theme park. With the warm weather, beautiful gardens, and lakeside location, Cypress Gardens Florida boasts the rare talent of water ski stunt shows. Further adding to the beauty and charm of the park are the southern belles who greet the guests.

More recently, the park has struggled to compete against the likes of Disney World and Universal Studios and briefly closed its doors for two years. Cypress Gardens in Florida is only about an hour's drive from Orlando. However, the Orlando theme parks and Cypress Gardens could not be further apart in terms the type of experience they offer. The Orlando theme parks invoke a hurry-up-and-see-it-all type of mentality, whereas Cypress Gardens, with its nostalgic setting and old-time values, lulls your entire body into a southern drawl.

Cypress Gardens in Florida had its grand reopening in 2004. This beautiful adventure park allows your mind to be at ease while your body is not being jostled and elbowed by a competitive crowd. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that the rides at Cypress Gardens are tame! Cypress Gardens Florida offers plenty of thrills with over three dozen rides, four roller coasters, the world's tallest spinning rapids ride, a wooden roller coaster, and many other popular favorites.

The newest addition to Cypress Gardens Adventure Park is the Nature's Way animal park. The resident star of Nature's Way is a 75-year-old alligator that used to appear in the old Johnny Weissmueller Tarzan movies of the thirties. Nature's Way is home to over 150 animals and includes a petting zoo, and an exotic butterfly exhibit.

For those who like to shop, Jubilee Junction is available for all of your shopping needs (and wants). Old fashioned storefronts make this shopping experience quaint and homey, while still providing cutting-edge gadgets, trendy clothing, fabulous eateries, exciting toys, and one-of-a-kind gifts. The not-to-be-missed ice show at the Royal Palm Theater in Jubilee Junction will amaze you with the athletic grace and power of the skaters.

Even with all of the rides and attractions, one of the biggest draws to Cypress Gardens is the garden itself. Other garden features include the animal sculptures on the Topiary Trail and a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall. The giant banyan tree that was planted in 1939 has grown along with the park itself, sharing in its glory, the dark days of closing, hurricanes, and finally its triumphant reopening.

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