Disney High School Musical

Disney’s High School Musical 2: School’s Out!, starting soon at Walt Disney World, is a fun-for-all ages show based on the sequel to the corporation’s original made-for-television movie. Summer vacation sets the scene for this second installment of Disney World High School Musical shows, which debuts in October. It features musical arrangements and dance moves scripted from the wildly successful movie franchise. The first of Disney’s High School Musical movies, released in 2006, presented the ongoing teenage plot where peer-pressure mixes with coming of age romance. The movie featured a list of catchy songs and a bevy of exciting dance numbers. The result was a $4.2 million dollar made-for-television investment that struck gold. It is estimated that over 200 million people across the globe have seen the original Disney High School Musical movie. Over 4 million copies of the soundtrack flew off the shelves and the DVD became the fastest-selling television film in history. Inspired by such success, Disney began work immediately on the sequel, Disney’s High School Musical 2. The movie’s success has encouraged the soon-to-come sequel version of Disney World’s High School Musical on stage show.

As Hollywood Studios prepares for its October show premier in Orlando, 16 actors currently keep the spirit of fictional East High School of New Mexico alive with the Disney High School Musical Pep Rally. This upbeat rally finds its stage along Hollywood Boulevard at the Streets of America. It gives onlookers the chance to learn some dance moves, shoot some hoops and cheer on the Wildcats. The show is performed several times a day near the site of Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat. Debuting at Magic Kingdom in 2006, it made its move to Hollywood Studios on January 22, 2007. High School Musical 2: School’s Out!, the new High School Musical on stage version, will have Disney World patrons tapping their feet to the beat while celebrating “Wildcat Fever”. If you happened to see Disney’s High School Musical 2 on television, chances are you will find yourself singing along with the show to songs like “What Time Is It?”, “All for One” and “Work This Out”. The new Disney High School Musical 2 live-entertainment show is sure to be a popular Disney World attraction, as was the previous year’s original show.

Disney High School Musical 2, the movie, premiered in August of 2007 at Disneyland in California. When it premiered on television, some 17.2 million viewers tuned in to watch it, making it the most-watched broadcast ever aired on basic cable. Currently, a third installment of the über-popular production is being arranged, but in contrast to the previous two movies, it will be released in cinemas. Last year, High School Musical the Concert, toured the country from November 2006 - January 2007, and featured the original movie cast, minus lead, Zac Efron. Throughout souvenir and gift shops at Walt Disney World, you can find merchandise for Disney’s High School Musical. As with the movie’s DVD’s and soundtracks, T-shirts and other related items typically see a short shelf life. If your kids are fans of the franchise, they will enjoy visiting Walt Disney World in Florida to see the new show and gather some related keepsakes.

Theater groups around the country can license versions of High School Musical On Stage to perform on their own. Licensing for High School Musical On Stage can be obtained from “Music Theatre International”, and to date, some 2,000 schools have already gained rights to produce the musical. If you missed the traveling High School Musical the Concert or can’t make it to Disney World anytime soon, you might look to catch the traveling Disney High School Musical the Ice Tour. The show will visit various venues around the country, with the first shows premiering in early September, 2007 in Orlando and Tampa.

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