Disney Quest

Gamers unite!  At Disney Quest, fun is the name of the game at this interactive, 3D, virtual reality arcade theme park, spread over 5 levels comprising more than 100,000 square feet.  Disney Quest Orlando is located on the west side of Downtown Disney, and no matter what age you are, you are sure to enjoy yourself at this one-of-a-kind attraction.  It is a place full of indoor adventures with games and activities for the kid in all of us.  Four main theme-zones make up Disney Quest Orlando, and you’ll want to visit them all to see what they have in store.  Get creative at the Create Zone, or lose yourself in the virtual realms of the Explore Zone.  Fight your way through Score Zone, and get your nostalgic fix at the Replay Zone. 

Disney Quest is open daily, so although it might be raining outside during your stay in Orlando, you can always head indoors for a good time at Disney Quest.  And, if you happen to be in Orlando during the slow season, you might be able to pick up Disney Quest tickets at a discount as sometimes they sell them at half price when business is slow. 

Perhaps the highlight of Disney Quest Orlando is the chance you’ll get to design your own virtual roller coaster at CyberSpace Mountain.  Bill Nye the Science Guy helps you through the design process, and when you’re done, your cyber-coaster is ready for you to ride.  It’s then that you hop in the 360-degree full motion simulator and experience the loops and runs that you created on the computer.  It’s a completely unique experience that allows you to be both creative and daring.  If your creativity is still seeking an outlet after that, then move along to the Disney Quest Animation Academy where a Disney instructor helps you draw your own Disney character.  If you are too proud to part from your final creation, you have the chance to purchase a drawing of your character when you are finished. 

There are other exciting virtual adventures at Disney Quest Orlando that will have you playing the hero’s role, or just trying to survive.  At Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, head into outerspace aboard a virtual spaceship with your gang and attempt to rescue human colonists that have been kidnapped by hostile aliens.  On Virtual Jungle Cruise, you’re expedited to a land where hungry dinosaurs roam for a meal.  Escape the jaws of T-Rex and navigate your raft through a series of river rapids.  It’s a sometimes wet and always exciting jurassic river experience.

Although some attractions at Disney Quest require an extra fee, your Disney Quest tickets will allow you to take advantage of most of the games, as well as other simulated worlds like Pirates of the Caribbean-Battle for Buccaneer Gold and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride.  At both these virtual stops, you’re provided with virtual headwear that will help to convince you that you are either battling pirates for gold or flying across the sky on a magic carpet ride with characters from Aladdin.  Keep up the battle of good versus evil at Ride the Comix, where virtual-reality helmets have you immersed in a struggle with comic book villains, and become a pinball at Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam and jump and bounce your way to big points.  There are also plenty of arcade and video games to be found at Disney Quest, and in the Replay Zone, adults will find some of their favorite classic games that will have them thinking they’ve gone back in time.  You’ll even find bumper cars at Disney Quest at Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters.  Prepare for a bit of a spin on the classic attraction, as not only can you ram other opponents, but you can also fire rubber balls at them from your car’s side cannon.     

Disney Quest tickets for one day are $36 for ages 10 & up and $30 for children 3-9.  Although Disney Quest tickets are already a good deal, considering all that you will experience throughout the building’s 5 floors, but there are ways to find a discount Disney Quest ticket for those who are savvy and explore the different internet options for specials.  This really applies to all Disney tickets, and many Florida vacation packages exist that combine your stay at area Orlando hotels and Kissimmee hotels with theme park admissions.  One way to find a discount Disney Quest ticket is through Kissimmee Guest Services where tickets are $31 for ages 10 and up, and $27 for ages 3-9.  Disney Quest is recommended for people 7 years and older, and adults might consider dropping the kids off and heading around Downtown Disney to shop or dine.  When in Orlando, enjoy Disney Quest and other Disney theme parks, such as Epcot Center, Pleasure Island, and Disney MGM Studios

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