Walt Disney World Attractions

The Walt Disney World attractions are among the most unique attractions in all of Orlando . In a land where theme parks are in great supply, Disney World offers visitors an array of different experiences to enjoy. For those who are interested in enjoying some of the Disney World rides, Space Mountain is just one of the thrills worth adding to the list. In addition to rides, Walt Disney World Resort visitors can also enjoy an enviable collection of shows, a number of unforgettable dining experiences, and plenty more. You'll need more than a weekend to enjoy all the different Walt Disney World attractions, and even if you spend a week here, there will likely be so much left to discover.

Space Mountain is definitely one of the more recognizable Disney World rides, and it can be found at the Magic Kingdom , which is one of the four main Disney World theme parks. A sort of indoor roller coaster, Space Mountain takes passengers for a high-speed journey through a space-like environment. During the ride, shooting stars, asteroids, and other galactic matter wiz by your six-person craft, which is part train, part rocket. Though you only get up to around 30 miles per hour on Space Mountain, it feels like you're going faster, and once the two-and-a-half minute ride is over, you'll likely want to do it all over again. If you don't mind getting wet on some of the Disney World rides, then Splash Mountain is a ride that you won't want to miss. Also found at the Magic Kingdom , this classic ride involves boarding a craft that is designed to look like a hollowed-out log. Once aboard the craft, you will embark on a peaceful floating cruise until you hit an indoor dark area. After passing through the dark area, you'll drop five stories down a steep incline, splashing into a pool below. Famous Disney characters from the Disney film Song of the South, are featured in this ride, as are some of the movie's songs.

There are plenty of other rides at the Magic Kingdom that you'll want to include on your itinerary as well, and if you have the chance, the other main theme parks are worth a look as well. They include Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom. The Soarin Epcot ride is just one of the rides at Epcot Center that you might consider including in your Epcot visit. It mimics the Soarin Over California ride at Disney's California Adventure theme park. As is the case at California Adventure, the Soarin Epcot ride replicates a hang gliding experience, and you'll literally soar some 40 feet off the ground. Looking down from above, you'll see replicas of iconic California images, like the Golden Gate Bridge and Yosemite National Park. While the Soarin Epcot Ride, Space Mountain , and Splash Mountain are all fantastic Disney World rides, they aren't exactly the best for small kids. In fact, you'll have to be at least 40 inches tall to ride them. Fret not if you are visiting one of the Disney theme parks with toddlers in tote, however, as there are plenty of rides at Disney World that cater to them.

When the Florida sun is beating down on you and your crew, making a break for one of the Disney World water parks is always an option. There's plenty for small kids and adults alike to enjoy at these parks. At Blizzard Beach, Tike's Peak is great place for small kids, as it features miniature water slides, safe water guns, and things the like. Over at Typhoon Lagoon, Ketchakiddee Creek is where the kids are likely to want to spend most of their time. A complete water play area, Ketchakiddee Creek features things like a small rapids pool, an interactive tugboat, and more. Unlike the big thrills rides at Disney World, you'll actually have to be under four feet tall to enjoy Ketchakiddee Creek. For those who are up for the big thrills rides at Disney World, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon offer a handful of intimidating water slides among their attractions.

As mentioned, there are more than just rides to enjoy when it comes to the Walt Disney World attractions. The Disney dining scene offers chances to dine with famous Disney characters, and there are plenty of themed restaurants to enjoy as well. Between riding rides and enjoying a unique meal, visitors can also check out any number of Disney World shows. The four main theme parks offer a full lineup of shows to consider, and you'll want to include at least a few of them in your overall Disney experience. If you still find yourself looking for more when it comes to the Walt Disney World attractions, the theme parks are home to quite an array of interesting shops.

Shopping at Disney World is a pleasure in and of itself, especially if you head to Downtown Disney, where you'll find more Disney merchandise for sale than you will likely know what to do with. If shopping isn't your thing, you might be up for enjoying one of the fun-filled Disney tours. Each of the four main theme parks offer tours for guests to enjoy, and if you want to customize your Disney experience, you can always arrange a more personal VIP tour. On Disney World VIP tours, you'll get to build a Disney itinerary that fits all your tastes and preferences. A great time awaits you regardless of how you choose enjoy Walt Disney World, so get your Disney tickets today and treat yourself to a most memorable vacation experience.

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