Disney World Tours

There are many great Disney World tours that you can enjoy on your next trip to Orlando , so you won't want to forget about them when planning your trip. Enjoying a few tours at Disney World can only add extra depth to your overall Disney experience, and since there are tours to fit a wide array of tastes and preferences, everyone in your group is bound to find something they like. Most of the Disney World tours are appropriate for all ages, and while some can last up to seven hours and involve multiple theme parks, others are relatively short and stick to one destination. In addition to enjoying singular tours at Disney World, visitors can also consider booking a VIP experience. The Disney World VIP tours are definitely the way to go if you are looking to customize your theme park experience.

There are four main theme parks at Disney World, and they include the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom. Most of the tours at Disney World are offered at these respective theme parks, and you visit more than one of them if you plan on enjoying multiple tours. Epcot Center offers the most Disney World tours, so you might start your search there. Some of the Epcot tours, such as Epcot DiveQuest and Dolphins in Depth, involve getting in the water to view some interesting marine creatures. If you prefer to stay dry during your Epcot Center visit, you can choose a tour that sticks to land. The Epcot Segway tours are fun, especially if you've never been at the helm of a Segway scooter before. For fans of gardening, the Behind the Seeds tour at Epcot Center is not to be missed. You'll see some mind-blowing plants on the Behind the Seeds tour.

Disney's Magic Kingdom sees more annual visitors than any other Disney theme park, and many of these visitors take the opportunity to enjoy one of the Magic Kingdom tours when dropping by. The whole family will enjoy the Family Magic Experience, which includes an interactive scavenger hunt. Opt for the Mickey's Magical Milestones Tour instead, and you'll learn all about the creation and career of Mickey himself. Other Magic Kingdom tours involve riding massive steam trains and learning about some of Disney's backstage secrets. Disney World backstage tours are definitely among the most popular. You can also learn about backstage movie-making techniques by including one of the Hollywood Studios tours on your itinerary. The Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour allows guests to see how a variety of special movie effects are created, and you'll even get to witness a full action sequence. There aren't a lot of tours on offer at Hollywood Studios, but a few of the Hollywood Studios shows do well to offer a similar kind of experience. Such is the case with the Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show, which allows you to learn about behind-the-scenes automobile stunts.

For animal lovers, the Animal Kingdom tours will likely be a major point of interest. The Backstage Safari tour at the Animal Kingdom is a favorite, as it allow visitors to learn about the steps that Disney takes to care for its animals. The tour is a walking tour, so you'll get some good exercise along the way. For more insight into the operations at Animal Kingdom, you can also enjoy the Wild by Design tour, which covers the park's conception and creation. As mentioned, those who are interested in Disney World tours can enjoy a tour that includes more than one theme park. Such is the case with the Backstage Magic tour, which visits Epcot Center , the Magic Kingdom , and Hollywood Studios. You have to be at least 16 years old to enjoy this seven-hour adventure, which is easily among the most popular Disney World backstage tours. Lunch at a Disney restaurant is included in the Backstage Magic tour.

While enjoying the various tours at Disney World on their own is fine, those looking for a more involved tour experience can always go the VIP route. The Disney World VIP tours allow visitors to basically customize their overall Disney adventure. A competent staff will help you figure out what to add to the agenda when you book one of the Disney World VIP tours, and they'll also help you get seats for shows, parades, and other Disney-related attractions. The Disney World VIP tours must be at least six hours in length, and you are charged by the hour. With so many fun things to do at Disney World, you'll have no problem building a six-hour itinerary, or even a six-day one.

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