Harry Potter Theme Park

The Harry Potter Universal Orlando park is a dream come true for Pottermaniacs everywhere. When the J.K. Rowling first book came out in 1997, it broke records in the publishing world as did every book in the series. The blockbuster films soon followed suit. The Harry Potter Amusement Park—called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter—is located in Orlando, Florida, where a couple dozen theme parks such as Disney World and Islands of Adventure draw millions of tourists each year. The Harry Potter Park in Orlando is sure to fit right into this amusement park backdrop, if not break all the records here as well.

The Harry Potter Amusement Park (partnered with Universal Studios Orlando) has worked closely with the celebrated author to ensure that everything is authentic as possible. Most of the rides were named by Rowling herself, and she had approval rights over innumerable details.

The Florida Harry Potter Theme Park will have thrilling Disneyland-type rides and attractions, as well as restaurants, snack stands, pubs, and numerous shopping venues. Like Dickens World in Kent, England, all the park attractions are faithful to the books and will bring the films alive. In fact, one enters the world of Hogwarts at Harry Potter Park in Orlando the same way J.K. Rowling had Harry and his schoolmates enter in the books and films—at the Hogsmeade Station in a waft of billowing steam from the Hogwarts Express train. Zonko's is the first shop to greet visitors, and is where you can outfit yourself with extendable ears or arm yourself with Sneakoscopes. When you’re ready to move on to the next part of the Harry Potter Universal Orlando park, you can stroll to your destination, and hop aboard the train whenever you want a lift somewhere.

What’s in store for visitors? Here are just of a few of the Harry Potter Theme Park rides and attractions. The Quidditch Skyway, in addition to the Hogwarts Express, is a transportation system. Passengers ride replica Nimbus 2000 broomsticks. For an added thrill, they aren’t enclosed; passengers hold on in the same way you hold on to a carousel horse. The Moaning Myrtle Express has visitors whirling through the theme park onboard toilets that spin, drop, invert, and twist. The Dragon Challenge roller coaster has two dueling roller coasters named after dragons involved in the Tri-Wizard Tournament in book four. The Hippogriff is another of the park’s roller coasters, abeit tamer so all members of the family can enjoy it.

Harry Potter Park in Orlando will have dining spots and restaurants, including the Hog’s Head, a traditional English pub. There’s an Owl Post Office, where you can actually send mail that will arrive at its destination with a Harry Potter Amusement Park postmark. There’s no lack of shopping either. Pottermaniacs can completely equip themselves by the time they leave at stores such as Hufflepuffs House of Magic Flutes, Olivander’s Magic Wand Shop, and Dervish & Banges where you can find apparel and other Quidditch equipment. There is, of course, even an elaborate Hogwarts Castle.

Visit the Harry Potter Theme Park and you will find plenty of Orlando hotels to accommodate you near to plenty of other Orlando attractions to keep entire families busy and happy for their entire vacations. The Harry Potter Universal Orlando park is located at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. It is comparable in size to all other Universal parks.

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