Disney Hollywood Studios Events

Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park is a great place to visit any time of year, and if you happen to stop by during one of the special annual events, you'll only have more to enjoy. Checking the schedule of events at Hollywood Studios to see what might coincide with your Orlando vacation is always a good idea, as you might just find one that's right up your alley. If you can't make it to Hollywood Studios for one of its events, you can also consider seeing what the other Disney theme parks have to offer as well. The Epcot Food and Wine Festival at Epcot Center , for example, is bound to be a pleaser for food fanatics. The Disney Hollywood Studios events draw in thousands of extra visitors every year, so you'll want to book your Disney hotel in advance if you plan to visit during one of them.

For fans of Christian music, the Night of Joy is one of the Disney Hollywood Studios events that you'll seriously want to consider planning your Orlando trip around. Formerly held at nearby Magic Kingdom , this two-day event made its move to Hollywood Studios in 2008. Contemporary Christian music is the focus of this celebration of faith, which takes place in September and features some of the top acts in the industry. Single tickets for the Night of Joy celebration can be purchased, or you can buy tickets for both nights at a discounted price. You'll also get a discount on your Night of Joy tickets when you buy them in advance, so you might consider going that route.

While fans of Contemporary Christian music will find the Night of Joy celebration to be ideal for them, those who love the holiday season will want to make a break for Hollywood Studios come winter. From late November to early January, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is in full swing, literally taking over the Streets of America part of the theme park. More than 5 million Christmas lights are strewn about the Streets of America during this festival, and other holiday-related props are added to the overall scene. While you are admiring the holiday decorations and the light displays at the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, you'll enjoy the sounds of holiday music filling the streets. Your general admission Hollywood Studios tickets are all that you'll need to access this spirited holiday season event. As a side note, if you like the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, you'll also likely enjoy a visit to the UCF Arena during the holiday season, as it too offers quite the festive setting.

There aren't too many people who don't like the Star Wars franchise of movies, and as such, the Star Wars Weekends festival is fast-becoming one of the more popular Disney Hollywood Studios events. You can enjoy the Star Wars Weekends festivities on any given weekend in the month of June, which makes it a relatively easy event to plan around. General theme park admission is all that's required if you want to enjoy the Star Wars Weekends celebrations, which feature some of the most popular characters from the movies. Even adults can enjoy the chance to meet and greet some of their favorite Star Wars characters at this event, and kids will no doubt enjoy taking a Jedi Lightsaber class. Famous Star Wars actors are known to pop up every weekend during the Star Wars Weekends festival, which only lends to its popularity.

In addition to meeting popular Star Wars characters, those who are thinking of attending one of the Disney Hollywood Studios events might also enjoy meeting notable soap stars or ESPN celebrities. At the ABC SOAPnet Super Soap Weekend, which is held over two days in November, you can see and meet popular actors from the ABC lineup of daytime soap operas. During late winter, the ESPN The Weekend event is the main fixture, offering sports fans the chance to not only meet popular ESPN personalities, but also great athletes from all the top sports. Special concerts, parades, and other fun activities help to make these meet-and-greet festivals a rocking good time.

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