Disney Hollywood Studios Shows

When it comes to finding some excellent family shows in Orlando , Disney's Hollywood Studios is a good place to look. Most of the Disney Hollywood Studios shows, such as The American Idol Show and Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! can be enjoyed by people of all ages, so you can see many of them regardless of the makeup of your group. Since there aren't a ton of rides at Hollywood studios, the shows are extra popular with visitors, and they really offer a lot in the way of variety, helping to make them even more popular. You will definitely want to check out at least one show when visiting Hollywood Studios, and it's recommended that you try to see more than one if you have the time.

2023 Disney Hollywood Studios shows like Fantasmic and Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage! do well to not only keep kids entertained, but adults as well. Much like the Illuminations show at Epcot Center , Fantasmic uses impressive fireworks to help deliver an explosive effect. Mickey Mouse is the star of this nighttime spectacular, and at various stages during the show, he must defend himself against legendary Disney villains. Other famous Disney characters, such as Snow White and Peter Pan, make guests appearances throughout the show, which also includes animation from renowned Disney films. Seeing Fantasmic is a perfect way for you to end your day at Hollywood Studios, and because of its popularity, you might head over to the Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre early to get a good seat for it. As for the Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage! show, it's akin to a high-caliber Broadway performance. One of the more popular shows on the Hollywood Studios Entertainment lineup, this musical features scenes and music from the animated film that inspired it. The actors who play the title roles of Belle and Gaston actually sing their parts, giving the show a quality that is hard to deny.

If the Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage! show piques your curiosity, you might also like the Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! show, which features characters from Disney's popular lineup of children's shows. It's easily one of the best Disney Hollywood Studios shows for the youngest kids in your bunch, as they'll get to see characters from programs such as the Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Young kids and teens alike will probably want to add the High School Musical 3: Senior Year show to their itineraries as well. This high-energy performance features characters and songs from the hit movie, and you're invited to sing and dance along. You can also do some singing and dancing at the Playhouse Disney show, not to mention at the outdoor Block Party Bash!, which features an array of Disney-Pixar characters who know how to get the party started.

The Hollywood Studios Entertainment lineup isn't only about shows that feature a lot of singing and dancing. The Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show, for example, features action-packed car, jet ski, and motorcycle stunts, not to mention pyrotechnics. It's one of the best 2023 shows at Hollywood Studios Orlando if you want to get some insight into how such action scenes are made for movies. If you still find yourself with the desire to see some action-packed stunts during your Hollywood Studios visit, then the Indiana Jones Epic Stunts Spectacular! should be a good fit. This live-action adventure re-enacts scenes from the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, and it too gives audience members the opportunity to learn about movie-making techniques.

After seeing some of the Disney Hollywood Studios shows, you'll also want to check out some of the Hollywood Studios rides, which also do well to highlight famous TV, movie, and music moments. Part ride, part show, the Studio Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios lets you see a re-created movie scene, among other things. If you have any budding directors in your group, you'll certainly want to add this tour to your Hollywood Studios entertainment lineup. With so many great shows, rides, and tours to enjoy, Hollywood Studios is not a place where you are bound to get bored. There are also some fun Hollywood Studios events to consider when planning your overall Orlando getaway, such as ESPN The Weekend. You can easily spend a whole day at Hollywood Studios, and when you get hungry or thirsty, the park's dining establishments will do well to cover your needs. After hanging out for a day or more at Hollywood Studios, you can also see what other Disney theme parks, such as Epcot Center and Disney's Animal Kingdom, have to offer as well.

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