Holy Land Experience Orlando

Christians are encouraged to enjoy the Holy Land Experience Orlando, but even if you claim another religion, this park is still worth a look. Basically, the Holy Land Experience attractions revolve around the Bible, with close attention being paid to biblical history. Instead of riding thrill rides, Holy Land Experience Orlando visitors will instead find museum-like exhibits that center around topics such as Noah's Ark and the Dead Sea Scrolls. You can also see how Jerusalem looked in the first century or get a lesson on Jesus' tomb. In addition to museum-like exhibits, this Christian theme park Orlando destination also offers shows for visitors to enjoy, so you can definitely fill at least a few hours here. Florida is definitely home to some unique attractions, beaches, and great hotels, but the Holy Land Experience is certainly among the most original things to do here.

The Holy Land Experience Orlando theme park isn't hard to find, as it is located just east of Universal Studios. You'll be even closer to the Mall at Millenia when in the area, just in case you want to add some upscale Orlando shopping to the mix. You can easily pair a Holy Land Experience Orlando trip with a visit to the mall if you please. You might not have enough time to do both, however, as you might find yourself extending your Christian theme park Orlando experience to fit in all the attractions. Among the top Holy Land Experience attractions are the Jerusalem Model and Calvary 's Garden Tomb. The former is among the largest models of Jerusalem that you'll find anywhere, and it aims to depict the city as it would have been in and around the year 66 A.D. If you want to learn more about the exhibit, you can stick around for one of the daily 30-minute lectures, which discuss the city and Jesus' final days there. As for the Calvary 's Garden Tomb, its intent is to recreate the tomb of Jesus. Indigenous Holy Land plants and trees help to make for an authentic setting.

After enjoying the aforementioned Holy Land Experience attractions, you might check out the Qumran Dead Sea Caves exhibit, which revolves around the Dead Sea Scrolls, or head to the Plaza of Nations , where you can catch a musical drama that is inspired by the Bible. This drama, which is presented several times a day, isn't the only Holy Land Experience show that you can consider adding to your itinerary, however. The Wilderness Tabernacle show is one of the more popular Holy Land Experience attractions, and it details the plight of Moses and his people as they sought deliverance from Egypt . The Wilderness Tabernacle show lasts approximately 25 minutes, which is also the case when it comes to the Orlando of Life show. This show features a film called The Seed of Promise, which includes the stories of Abraham and Christ's resurrection.

On top of the attractions listed thus far, those who enjoy the Holy Land Theme Park Orlando experience can also sit in on storytelling sessions, as well as check out an intriguing collection of old Bibles. Should you get hungry during your visit, there is an onsite café that serves up some tasty Middle Eastern fare, and if the hot Florida sun is getting to you, you can always stop by one of the park's misting stations for some refreshment. In addition to a café, visitors can also access a small refreshment area to grab some snacks and beverages. As for Christian Theme Park Orlando tickets, they can be bought in advance or purchased at the park upon arrival. The general admission fee for the park is somewhat high by some standards, but it will still cost you less than a trip to one of the Disney World theme parks. For those who are driving to the Holy Land Experience, parking costs extra, so you will want to keep that in mind. For places to stay near the park, you can always consider the Universal Studios resorts and the Sea World hotels, among other area options.

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