La Nouba

Show Type:

Downtown Disney's West Side Arena
Walt Disney World Resort
1478 E. Buena Vista Dr .
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Show Description:

Mesmerizing, dazzling, and unforgettable are all words that can be used to describe La Nouba, which is just one of the Orlando shows that you will want to consider seeing during your central Florida vacation. As is to be expected at any and all Cirque du Soleil performances, La Nouba tells a dramatic story in a most engaging way. Extraordinary costumes, death-defying acrobatics, and scintillating music are all part of the show, and a certain amount of mysticism is also employed. In French, faire la nouba basically translates to partying, or living it up, and that's just what the show revolves around. The mundane world clashes with fantasy in this Cirque du Soleil installment, making for one unforgettable performance. Much like the Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, this Orlando offering is sure to please.

There are two sets of main characters that help to set the stage for the Orlando Cirque du Soleil show, and they are the circus people, or Cirques, and the simpler urbanites, or Urbains. The Urbains are a rather boring bunch, as they represent the mundane, and for all intents and purposes, practical side of life. Their non-chromatic and almost lifeless costumes help to identify them. The Cirques, on the other hand, are a colorful bunch, and they represent things like dreams, fantasy, and promise. As one might imagine, the clashing, or mixing, of these characters sets the underlying tone for the show. It's a fantastic premise that focuses mostly on dreams, possibilities, and hopes. Where a mundane existence once flourished, a magical and inspirational world develops, encouraging all who see this Orlando Cirque du Soleil show to never lose sight of the magical side of life. Other Orlando shows can take you to a magical realm as well, including dinner shows like Arabian Nights and Pirates Dinner Adventure, so you'll want to check the full area lineup while planning your vacation.

In addition to impressive acrobatics and expert lighting, the Disney Cirque du Soleil show also features a bit of comedy on the side. As is typical of Cirque du Soleil shows, La Nouba integrates a number of side characters who help to complete the overall picture. Among these characters are two clowns, who go by the names of Balto and Serguei. These clowns don't only provide comic relief during the show, but before it as well. It's not uncommon for some unsuspecting audience members to become part of their antics, so you might want to keep your eye out for them. The Pierrot Clown and the Lost Ballerina are just two of the other side characters that you will see at the Disney Cirque du Soleil show. Depicting Romeo and Juliet, these characters move gracefully about the stage, entwined in a passionate dance. The Disney La Nouba show definitely covers a full range of emotions, taking audience members for an unforgettable ride. Sure, you can get your thrills in Orlando on a number of theme park rides, such as those found at parks like Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center, but when it comes to a visually-inspiring approach, the La Nouba show arguably takes the cake.

Artists/Show Biography:

The Disney Cirque du Soleil show, La Nouba, is just one of the works that the company's founder helped to create. Guy Laliberte, who hails from Quebec City, first starting creating his own spirited and magically-inspired shows in 1984. A fire-eater and accordion player, among other things, Laliberte was joined by other performers with circus-like talents when he branched out on his own, and Cirque du Soleil was born. Laliberte has been integral in every show that Cirque du Soleil has done, so his signature is omnipresent. Among those who helped to put the Orlando Cirque du Soleil Show together was Dominique Lemieux. In just two months time, she designed the elaborate costumes for La Nouba. Her use of colorful costumes for the Cirques and her implementation of dark and muted outfits for the Urbains helps to drive the storyline home. The Disney Cirque du Soleil La Nouba extravaganza is an adventure for the senses, and those who work behind the scenes are dedicated to making sure that every show is as impressive as the last. There certainly isn't a lack of interesting things to do in Orlando, and for those who want to see a good show, La Nouba is definitely among the top productions in the land.

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