Playhouse Disney Live

Disney’s Hollywood Studios show, Playhouse Disney Live, is an ideal Florida entertainment attraction for the littlest members of your group.  In 2004, the show was voted by readers of Disney Magazine as the “Best Walt Disney World Attraction for Young Kids”.  Playhouse Disney Live incorporates characters from the popular Disney Channel Playhouse programming lineup that caters to ages 2-6.  The main characters for Playhouse Disney’s Hollywood Studios show come primarily from the programs “The Book of Pooh”, “Bear in the Big Blue House”, “Stanley” and “JoJo and Goliath”.   While Playhouse Disney Live is definitely slated towards preschoolers, older children, teens and adults should also find the show both pleasant and entertaining.

Playhouse Disney Live opens with Bear and his friends and immediately the focus of the story takes shape.  Happily, Bear recommends that he and his pals dance the cha-cha.  However, upon hearing this, the little blue mouse, Tutter, reveals that he is shy about dancing in front of others.  With the help of the show’s host, Pip and Pop, Bear, Ojo and Treelo employ the usage of a giant storybook in an attempt to help Tutter get over his dancing apprehensions.  As the pages of the book turn, various Disney Channel Playhouse characters are visited and aspects of friendship are explored.  As the book finishes, the excitement picks up at Playhouse Disney’s Hollywood Studios show when streamers are shot into the mostly unsuspecting audience.  As the excitement builds, the streamers are replaced with magic bubbles that float enchantingly among the fun-filled venue.  Before the story returns to its starting point at Bear’s house, the audience joins cast members for a hefty serving of song and dance.  The dancing continues at Bear’s house, with Tutter joining his friends.  The show ends with Luna the moon singing the “Goodbye Song” as Bear and his friends say goodbye.

Playhouse Disney Live is performed at Soundstage 5 in the Animation Courtyard section of Disney-MGM Studios.  It is important to note that Disney recently announced plans to rename Disney-MGM Studios as Disney Hollywood Studios.  When you enter the performance area, you will find that seating options are limited to the floor and a line of benches to the soundstage’s rear.  This setup encourages freedom of movement so that the kids in the audience have ample space for dancing.  If you are looking for seating that is close to the stage, you should consider arriving 15-20 minutes early.  Admission to the show is covered in your general admission Disney ticket and 10 performances are offered daily between 9:30 a.m. and 6:15 p.m.   Whereas the audience doesn’t get the chance to meet and greet the Playhouse Disney Live characters, there are other meet and greet opportunities to be found at Animation Courtyard.  You can find a list of times and locations for these opportunities in the daily “Times Guide”.  The Playhouse Disney Live characters can also be seen participating daily in the “Stars and Motor Cars Parade”.  

For those who are not planning a trip to Orlando anytime soon but would like to take in a Disney performance, traveling Playhouse Disney productions should be coming to your neck of the woods.  Playhouse Disney Live’s traveling edition is a longer show than that offered at Disney World and you can expect appearances from the Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse and the Gang, Tigger, Pooh and Handy Manny.  Tickets to the traveling edition of Playhouse Disney Live vary in price by venue, but generally start at around $16-$20.  You can buy tickets ahead of time through Disney, with the various ticket sales outlets, and at the hosting arena on the day of the show.

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