Disney Typhoon Lagoon

When you think of going surfing in Florida, Orlando is probably not the first destination that will come to mind. At the Disney Typhoon Lagoon water park, however, you can hang ten on wave after wave in the large Surf Pool. It's all about the water at Disney World Typhoon Lagoon, so you can also get your thrills on a bunch of other water-related rides here, like the Crush N Gusher water slide. Typhoon Lagoon at Disney is a water park that the whole family can enjoy, as there are rides for both adults and kids. Hardly anyone in your group will likely argue over a trip to Typhoon Lagoon when the Florida sun is feeling extra hot. Like Disney's Blizzard Beach, it's one of the top places in Orlando to beat the heat.

If you feel like working up your courage for the more intense Disney Typhoon Lagoon rides, then you can start with a relaxing inner tube cruise on Castaway Creek. On this ride, you'll meander along a 2,000-foot-long river that winds its way through the park. After you finish drifting along Castaway Creek for a while, you might be feeling brave enough to tackle something a little more extreme. Mayday Falls is the longest of the Disney World Typhoon Lagoon water slides, and along the downhill ride, your inner tube will pass under waterfalls and through caves. You'll be coming down the same mountain that the park's landmark shrimp boat rests on. According to Disney legend, a strong storm wrecked the boat, which goes by the name Miss Tilly, and deposited it on top of a volcanic mountain. The legend of the strong storm gives rise to the park's name.

After trying Castaway Creek and Mayday Falls , those seeking some thrills on the milder side can catch a rush at the Gang Plank Falls . Like Mayday Falls, your inner tube will take you for a downhill run, passing through a few caves along the way. There are a few other mild thrill rides that you will also want to check out at Disney World Typhoon Lagoon, and for the little ones in your group, the Ketchakiddee Creek children's area is a must. Of course, there are always some Typhoon Lagoon visitors who are looking for some big-time thrills. That's where the Surf Pool, the Crush 'N' Gush water slide, and Humunga Kowabunga come in. Artificial waves delight surfers at the Surf Pool, which is one of the largest pools of its kind in the world. As for the Crush 'N' Gush water slide, it's a furious inner tube ride down steep slopes. Get ready for some hairpin turns. It's all out fun on the slides of Humunga Kowabunga as well, only this time you'll shoot through an enclosed slide without an inner tube.

Your water-related fun doesn't stop there at the Disney Typhoon Lagoon theme park. If you don't get the chance to do some scuba diving or snorkeling in Florida during your Orlando vacation, taking a dip in the water at Typhoon Lagoon's Shark Reef should fill the void. You'll snorkel in a saltwater pool that is actually home to tropical fish and sharks, so it's a big thrills kind of experience as well. There are a myriad of ways to enjoy yourself when you make a break for Typhoon Lagoon at Disney. While getting your various Disney tickets, you'll want to consider adding this fun park to the package. When you buy multiple-day passes for the different Disney theme parks, you will save money on the overall ticket prices, leaving more left over for things like food and souvenirs. With so many options for fun things to do in Orlando, however, you might not have time to hit a bunch of Disney theme parks. Should that be the case, you can purchase your Typhoon Lagoon at Disney tickets on their own as well. Like Blizzard Beach , this water park is open year round, so you can enjoy it whenever you're in the area.

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