Best Times to Visit Disney World

The best times to visit Disney World are up for debate depending upon exactly what kind of vacation you wish to have. There is a range of considerations to take into account, including hours of operation, weather, and special events. Even the times of the year that are considered the off-season are wonderfully exciting at the Magic Kingdom. The huge number of activities and attractions ensure that you will have a most memorable time no matter what time of the year you choose to travel. That said, everyone has a preference when it comes to crowds, weather, and price of accommodations. To get this part of your trip right, you’ll want to take several things into account.

First, take into consideration that Walt Disney World was the penultimate vision of the visionary Walt Disney—a vision that wanted to ensure the best vacation at any time of year. Officially called the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney World is not only the largest, but also the most frequently visited theme park/recreational resort in the entire world. It comprises four unique theme parks, two awesome water parks, over 20 hotels and resorts (including luxurious and themed resorts and hotels), spas, clubs and restaurants, and so much more. When Walt Disney conceived of the plans for Walt Disney World, he pictured an extended-stay experience quite unlike that which was possible at the much smaller Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. There is no best month to visit Disney World, as most people who have visited will assure you that it is special year round.

The busiest times of the year at Disney World are the summer, the weeks surrounding Spring Break, and the Christmas holiday season. These are also the busy times at the sister theme park in Anaheim. The difference between the two is that when you visit Disneyland in California during the off-season, some of the rides are shut down and the entertainment offering is significantly decreased. Disney World, due in large part to its huge size and plethora of guest accommodations, tends to provide a more robust offering throughout the entire year. Due to crowd-control measures taken by the park, such as the Fast Pass system for all rides, even visiting the park during peak season does not necessarily mean a lesser experience, unless you are adverse to crowds. Fast Passes allow you to take a ticket for popular rides and return to the ride at the time listed on the ticket and board without waiting in line at all.

However, the crowds at Walt Disney World are significantly smaller during the fall months, as well as January and February. There also tend to be many more discounts and deals available at the resorts. It is absolutely true that you will find far less traffic and much shorter lines during these times of the year, but there are several things to note here as well. Just because the park is busy during the peak season during the day, it also offers extended hours, which means that you will be able to enjoy the park longer.

Many times, the Magic Kingdom is quite relaxed at night, even during the peak season, and these are the times when you can always expect to see amazing parades and wonderful fireworks displays. The weather is very hot during the busy summer months, but many of the lines are under covered awnings or in air-conditioned buildings. There are advantages to going to Disney World during the peak season, as well as the off-season. No matter when you travel to this enchanted destination, you will not only be able to enjoy the Magic Kingdom, but also Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. And these are just the theme parks. Many more activities, adventures, and attractions await.

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