Wonderworks Orlando

Just south of Universal Studios and Sea World is where you will find the Wonderworks Orlando Amusement Park . In a land full of theme parks, Wonderworks does well to offer a unique experience that the whole family can enjoy. The attractions at Wonderworks are diverse, and they include interactive exhibits that you can enjoy while making the rounds. A great place for birthday parties, family trips, youth groups, and even corporate outings, Wonderworks can help your group enjoy a fun-filled day in sunny central Florida .

It's hard to miss the Wonderworks Amusement Park when driving along International Boulevard, as the park boasts an upside-down main building. According to Wonderworks legend, the main building was once a laboratory that was swept away from its original spot in the Bermuda Triangle by a powerful tornado. Where it rests today is where the fictional tornado left it. The building is still very much a place where scientists can run all kinds of experiments, and guests are welcome as well to try their hands at things like landing a Space Shuttle. From your simulated Space Shuttle cockpit, you'll man the controls and take charge of making sure that you touch down safely on the airstrip. For those visitors who always wanted to be pilots, the Fighter Jets exhibit is sure to please. You'll again find yourself in a simulated cockpit, only this time you'll be flying fighter jets.

Should you be coming to Orlando from California , or from anywhere else in the world that experiences earthquakes from time to time, you might not rush to experience the Earthquake Simulator ride at the Wonderworks Amusement Park . For those who have never been in an earthquake, however, it's a chance to see how powerful and strange they can actually be. The Earthquake Simulator aims to recreate the San Francisco earthquake of 1989, and you'll rock and sway to a quake that measures 5.3 on the Richter Scale. Other fun attractions at Wonderworks include the Global VR, where you can try your hand at virtual combat, and the Wonder Coaster, where you can design your own simulated roller coaster and then ride it! For the little ones in your group, the Bubble Lab is sure to be a hit. At this "laboratory," kids can make bubbles so big they can fit inside them.

In addition to the aforementioned attractions at Wonderworks, visitors can also hit the onsite arcade to play some video games or enjoy a game of Lazer Tag. When day starts to give way to night, Wonderworks Amusement Park visitors can consider sticking around to enjoy The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show. Appropriate for all ages, this dinner show includes comedy, magic, and audience participation, so you just might become part of the proceedings if you're not careful. Orlando dinner shows don't get much funnier than this one, so if you're looking for a good laugh to cap off a fun-filled day, this is worth a look. If you can't hang around to catch the dinner show, then you might find yourself looking to grab something to eat at Wonderworks Orlando during the day. The café here serves up quick favorites like pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, ice cream, and you can get sodas and other refreshments as well. Should you get the shopping itch, you can always hit the Wonderworks gift shop, which sells souvenirs and a satisfying array of candy.

Tickets for a day at the Wonderworks Amusement Park are reasonably-priced, even if you buy an Ultimate Combo ticket. The Ultimate Combo ticket includes all of the exhibits at Wonderworks, a Lazer Tag game, and a seat at the dinner show. In addition to buying combo tickets at Wonderworks Orlando, you can also purchase single tickets for each separate attraction, including the dinner show.

Because Wonderworks is so close to Sea World, you might look to stay at one of the Sea World hotels if you are thinking of including it on your Orlando itinerary. You can also look to stay nearby at one of the Universal Studios resorts. Disney World is not too far off either, so you might even take a minute to check out the Disney resorts and hotels as well.

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Wonderworks Orlando


Just south of Universal Studios and Sea World is where you will find the Wond...

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