Panama City Beach Condos

Panama City Beach Condos
Panama City Beach Condos

Panama City Beach condos are in very good supply. This has a lot to do with the construction boom that took place in the coastal city between the years of 2001 and 2007. During this building period, high-rise hotel and condo complexes were among the major projects, and the majority of these lodging establishments were positioned right on the sands of beautiful beaches.

The condo rentals in Panama City Beach Florida offer something to fit a wide variety of tastes and budgets. Some are offered by resort hotels, such as the Majestic Beach Resort and the Calypso Resort, both found on Front Beach Road. Others are privately owned and part of condo complexes. These condo complexes include OceanVilla Condos on Front Beach Drive and Treasure Island Condos on Thomas Drive.

The condo complexes in Panama City Beach and the resort hotels that offer condos are very similar in many ways. This is because the condo complexes tend to offer facilities that are similar to the resort hotels. If nothing else, a condo complex can be expected to offer a swimming pool. Other common facilities include a hot tub and an exercise room. As for the best places to search for Panama City Beach condos, the beachfront stretch that is found within the city limits is lined with them. Gulf Lagoon Beach, to the near southeast, is also home to its fair share and can be a good place to start. One example of a condo complex in Gulf Lagoon Beach is Dunes Of Panama Vacation Rentals. It enjoys a delightful beachfront location thanks to its 7205 Thomas Drive address.

Regardless of whether Panama City Beach visitors book a resort hotel condo or a condo that is part of a condo complex, they can expect to enjoy a range of amenities. Among the most convenient of these amenities is a kitchen. More often than not, the condo kitchens are fully equipped. A good example of this are the condo rentals that are offered by the Boardwalk Beach Resort, which is situated at 9400 South Thomas Drive. At the very least, condo guests have a kitchenette at their disposal, and the convenience of having kitchen facilities can be a wonderful thing. Families with younger children don’t always find it easy to arrange restaurant visits, for example, and anyone who enjoys preparing their own meals is likely to appreciate having a kitchen at their disposal. Also worth highlighting is the fact that preparing at least some of your meals during a Panama City Beach escape can help save some money.

Other things that your average Panama City Beach condo rental offers are cable TV, a DVD player, Internet access, and ample furnishings. Those units that feature multiple bedrooms are also known to have multiple baths, and the very best condo rentals face the Gulf of Mexico and provide private balconies. Depending on the condo in question, a washer and a dryer might figure on the amenity list as well, and this only increases the convenience factor. Take all this into account, and it is little wonder that so many people turn to the Panama City Beach condos when planning their northwest Florida vacations.

One of the main reasons why so many Panama City visitors opt to book a condo rental is the fact that the rates are often comparable to the rates for a hotel room. Also, your average condo rental offers more space than your average hotel room. Perhaps the only drawback is the fact that some condos require minimum stays. That being said, the minimum stay periods are usually only a week or less, and there are plenty of ways to keep busy while enjoying a Panama City Beach vacation. The beaches alone can fill hours on end, and it only gets better when you also consider all the other great Panama City Beach attractions.

As a side note, condos aren’t the only option when it comes to Panama City Beach vacation rentals. As such, those who are looking to go the vacation rental route might choose to weigh all of the available options. Also, since spring and summer are the peak Panama City Beach vacation periods, it is a good idea to book well in advance for these seasons, especially if you have your heart set on a specific rental property.

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