Panama City Beach Weather

Panama City Beach weather is agreeable on the whole. While more northerly U.S. destinations are dealing with freezing temperatures during the winter months, Panama City Beach tends to lean more towards the warmer side of things. During other seasons, it can get quite hot and humid, but this is predominantly a beach vacation destination, and thanks in part to attractions such as the Shipwreck Island Water Park, beating the heat isn’t difficult.

Summer: Summer is the peak tourist season in Panama City Beach. This is due to the fact that summer is the best time to hit the beaches in Panama City Beach. Sea breezes help to keep the heat at bay to some extent, and thanks in part to the humidity, it is common for thunderstorms to rumble their way through the area on summer afternoons. For the months of June, July and August, the average highs in Panama City Beach are in the mid-80s. The average lows for this period are in the mid to low 70s.

Fall: Once the autumn season rolls around in Panama City Beach, the temperatures start to decrease. It is still often warm enough for some fun on the beach, however, especially in the earlier part of the season. Generally speaking, November is the driest month in Florida, and while hurricane season runs from June through November in the Sunshine State, modern technology makes travelers well aware of any possible hurricane threats. Highs in the 80s can be expected throughout the early part of the fall season. Lows range from the low 70s to the high 50s.

Winter: The climate in northern Florida is temperate, and this means that it can get pretty chilly from time to time during the winter season. That being said, the daytime temperatures in destinations such as Panama City Beach average around 65 degrees during the winter months. The average lows fall into the mid-40s to mid-50s range. This isn’t exactly idyllic beach weather, though there are advantages to a winter visit. The rates for the hotels and the vacation rentals go way down, and gone are the tourist crowds.

Spring: Florida in general gets a lot of showers during the spring season, which runs from late March to May. It is also known to enjoy its fair share of warm days in the spring, and this helps to make Panama City Beach a very popular Spring Break destination. The later you go into spring, the warmer you can expect it to be in the region. In both April and May, the average highs approach the 80-degree mark, and since the water temperatures are usually in the 70s, a wide variety of water sports activities can be enjoyed in relative comfort.

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