Pensacola Boat Charters

Pensacola boat charters allow residents and visitors alike to enjoy any number of fun adventures out on the water. Sure, you can always bring your own watercraft to this Emerald Coast destination, but with so many charters available, there might not be a need to do this. You can also turn to the Pensacola boat rentals if you are without a personal craft, but still want to go it alone. Docks and marinas are in good supply all over the area.

Pensacola boat charters can be arranged in most of the main area destinations. This includes Downtown Pensacola and the vibrant beach community of Pensacola Beach. The boats that are used to take guests out come in all shapes and sizes. Many are large catamarans, and you can always hope to set sail on a lavish yacht. The joy of feeling the warm gulf breezes on your face is part of the joy of sailing in the Pensacola waters, regardless of the boat that you find yourself on, and there is plenty to look at along the way.

If you get one of the Pensacola boat charters, you can get a whole new vantage point on such attractions as Fort Pickens and the Pensacola Lighthouse on the Pensacola Bay. Should your trip include taking to the Gulf of Mexico waters, you might venture east along the coast to see some of the other top Emerald Coast destinations. These destinations include Destin and Panama City. If you wish, you can add some fun things to do to the agenda. It's not all about sightseeing when it comes to the Pensacola boat charters.

If you are interested in arranging a day out on the water with one of the Pensacola boat charters, fishing is often something that you can add to the picture. Other possible activities include scuba diving and snorkeling, and you can most likely do a fair amount of wildlife viewing. The dolphin cruises that take to the Pensacola Bay and the Santa Rosa Sound are just one option if you want to do some wildlife viewing while out on the water. You can also hire a charter company to take you and your group out alone for such pursuits, and a rewarding dining experience is something that can usually be added to the picture.

Pre-arranged dinner cruises are among the most popular kinds of cruises in Pensacola. As is true of the dolphin cruises, they are open to the general public. In the event that you wish to enjoy a more private dinner cruise, the Pensacola boat charters have you covered. Some of the charter companies can provide the meal for you, or you can bring your own food and beverages along. The dinners that are provided on some of the Pensacola yacht charters in particular can be quite extravagant, thus making them especially ideal for special occasions.

For those who are interested in Pensacola boat rentals, the options are quite complete. Some of the local boat operations even rent out houseboats, the likes of which are interesting alternatives to the Pensacola hotels and campsites. Pontoons, ski boats, party barges, and fishing boats are just some of the other kinds of boats that you can rent in Pensacola, and as long as you know how to sail, it won't be hard to find a sailboat of some kind that you can take out for a spin.

As for some specific spots where you can arrange Pensacola boat charters, there are three excellent marinas to the near southwest of the downtown core. These marinas include the Palm Harbor Marina at 1206 Mahogany Mill Road, the Island Cove Marina at 806 Lakewood Road, and the Yacht Harbor Marina at 3050 Barrancas Avenue. Down in Pensacola Beach, you will find a few small marinas that are used by various charter operations. One such marina is the La Fitte Cove Marina at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. There is also an excellent marina on the island of Perdido Key that boaters might consider docking at. This marina is known as the Lost Key Marina and Yacht Club, and it is part of the larger Lost Key community, which also features upscale condos, a fantastic eighteen-hole golf course, and other things for residents and visitors to enjoy. 14000 Perdido Key Drive is the address for the Lost Key Golf & Beach Club community.

It should be mentioned that some of the Pensacola boat charters offer more than just one-day adventures. You can book excursions that last virtually any amount of time. Some of the charter boats have accommodations and kitchen facilities onboard.

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