Pensacola Restaurants

The Pensacola restaurants offer something for every taste and budget. You'll find fast food joints in and around town, Creole establishments, Irish bars that serve up pub grub, pizzerias, and fine dining establishments that can be ideal for special occasions. Being that this is a coastal city, seafood eateries are in especially good supply, and meat lovers should have little trouble tracking down a juicy steak if that's what they have a hankering for.

The Pensacola dining scene centers around two main areas. One of these areas is the historic Seville District in Downtown Pensacola. Also a nightlife hotspot, this district features a fine array of restaurants and bars, and they serve up everything from oysters and grouper sandwiches to pork tenderloin and roasted lamb. Unique restaurants mix with franchise establishments in and around the Seville District, and you won't want to overlook Seville Quarter while in the area. This entertainment complex at 130 E. Government Street is home to some of the most renowned Pensacola restaurants and bars.

The other top place to go if you are interested in exploring the Pensacola dining scene is Pensacola Beach. This island town is more or less the beach extension of Pensacola, and it is where you will find Quietwater Beach Road, which is also known as the Quietwater Beach Boardwalk. Found along this strip that overlooks the Santa Rosa Sound are some popular restaurants, not to mention shops and other businesses. You can also find some restaurants in and around Casino Beach on the Gulf side. Oysters, shrimp salads, and chargrilled mahi mahi are just some of the things that you will find on the menu at the various Pensacola Beach restaurants, and you can always get some smoked ribs, a burger, or some pizza if that's what you prefer.

If you wish to add to your Pensacola dining options, there are some excellent eateries on the island of Perdido Key. These eateries include some of the best seafood restaurants in the area, and if you need a break from fish and shellfish, there are options there as well. You will find at least one restaurant on Perdido Key that serves authentic Mexican cuisine, for example, and the seafood establishments don't only serve seafood. Steaks, chicken dishes, and pasta are things that commonly pop up on the various menus.

Also worthy of consideration when it comes to Pensacola dining is cooking yourself. There are numerous vacation rental properties in Pensacola that have full kitchens and/or barbecue grills, and you can look to do some grilling when visiting area parks or doing some camping. It is worth stressing that Pensacola is an excellent fishing destination, and should you have a good day out on the water, there's no telling what your dinner spread might look like.

Food enthusiasts who are planning Pensacola vacations might keep the area events in mind. Some revolve around food or at least involve it in the festivities. The most renowned food festival in the area is the Pensacola Seafood Festival. Held over the course of three days in September, this festival features plenty of gumbo, crab, shrimp, and just about anything else that you can think of. Live music, a 5K run, and some other activities and events only help to keep the fun going. The Seville Square area of Downtown Pensacola is where this savory celebration takes place.

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