Downtown Pensacola

Downtown Pensacola exhibits a lovely blend of past and present. European settlers started coming to the area in the sixteenth century, which lends to the historic appeal of Pensacola in general, and a revitalization project in more recent times has added a wonderful modern edge. The Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board is mostly to thank for the recent revitalization efforts. Numerous businesses have emerged on the downtown scene as a result of these efforts, and visitor numbers are on the rise.

Downtown Pensacola has developed over the course of more than 400 years. The Spanish were the first European settlers to arrive, and the city has also been controlled by the French, the British, Confederate forces, and finally the United States. Hence the city's nickname: the City of Five Flags. While walking in the more historic parts of Downtown Pensacola, you can admire attractive Spanish brickwork and beautiful French-style balconies that might have you thinking that you are New Orleans. Also part of the downtown fabric are old mansions from the Victorian era. They were built by lumber barons who hailed from Great Britain and America alike.

If you want to get in touch with the history of Pensacola, visiting the Pensacola Historic Village is recommended. This village consists of more than 25 properties that are listed on the Pensacola National Register Historic District, and eleven of these properties welcome visitors. Among them are the T.T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum, which focuses on local history, and the 1805 Julee Cottage, which offers wonderful insight into the African-American history of the area. The Pensacola Historic Village preserves the original Pensacola, and should you wish to drop by for a walking tour, it is essentially the area that is bounded by Jefferson, Zaragoza, Church, Tarragona, and Adams streets. The Tivoli High House at 205 E. Zaragoza Street is where you can get tickets for the Pensacola Historic Village. It also offers maps and other tourism materials.

Excellent Pensacola museums are found downtown, and history buffs who are dropping by for a look around will be happy to know that some of the oldest homes in all of Florida are also found in the area. While taking a tour of Downtown Pensacola, you can do more than get in touch with the city's history. Satisfying the shopping bug is certainly possible, thanks largely to the numerous shops that are found in the Seville and Palafox historic districts, and you won't want for enticing dining options. There are restaurants galore in Downtown Pensacola, and they offer something for every taste and mood.

Pensacola's Downtown district is inviting for so many different reasons. The performing arts are alive and well, for example, with the Pensacola Civic Center providing a venue for all kinds of events. There's also Saenger Theatre should you be interested in the performing arts scene. For nightlife enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy a different scene, the Seville Quarter offers a fantastic mix of restaurants and bars. Many of the bars offer live entertainment with regularity.

You can get help finding out what's on tap when it comes to Downtown Pensacola nightlife by consulting local publications such as the Pensacola News Journal and the Pensacola Downtown Crowd. The Pensacola Downtown Crowd is free, and you can pick up copies at the Pensacola Visitor Information Center at 1401 E. Gregory Street. This visitor center can also help you with any other number of things, such as finding a room at one of the Downtown Pensacola hotels.

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